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I first came across the term BII or Breast Implant Illness in March 2017 after coming across a website called Breast Implant Illness & Healing, the facebook group Healing Breast Implant Illness by Nicole and a good friend sharing her personal struggle and recovery from breast implant illness. It was in my quest to find answers regarding what could be the cause of my strange and growing list of 60 symptoms, despite repeated visits to the doctor and ER with perfectly "healthy" test results time and time again. I was told it was part of being a young mom or allergies, but I couldn't believe that this was all normal!

I would not consider myself a hypochondriac or a person who would turn to google to figure out a health problem. I'm the person that rarely saw a doctor, except for my annual exam. However, with no explanation for my growing number of symptoms from the medical community I began googling after my lab results all came back perfectly normal. I wasn't looking for a cure, but rather what might cause these symptoms. I didn't believe someone my age with a healthy diet, regular exercise routine and with no serious family medical history concerns should have to live feeling more and more like a zombie everyday. 

I was in denial of BII when I first read about it, and initially I set out to disprove the theory of BII with my own research. However, the more I read from the FDA and implant manufacturers themselves, the more the reality of the potential adverse risks was too undeniable for me to disregard and that is how BII Aware was born. I wanted to share my story as it has been occurring and the share the research I've come across. The purpose of this site is to document my personal journey and focus on the visual awareness​ of the potential negative side of breast augmentation with implants. 

My story and the content of this site is not to persuade you one way or another but rather to provide my personal experience, and experiences of other women, share the information that led to my decision and provide an alternative perspective in hopes of bringing a broader level of informed awareness to the potential risks associated with breast implants so that women can feel confident in making an informed decision regarding whether or not to get implants. Take from it what you will. 


This is my story and those of the women that have agreed to share their's with the world too.



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