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December 12, 2017

How do I know this is Breast Implant Illness?

The short answer is. I don’t. I have a hunch though, my intuition, and a deep gut feeling. If there is anything my (short) life experience working with horses, clients and just life has taught me so far, is ALWAYS go with your gut. Don’t get me wrong this has not been a whim of a decision. I’ve spent the past 9 months pouring over literature from the leading regulatory bodies and medical research institutions in North America. I did not come to this conclusion purely on “faith” it came with a lot of information from the manufacturers, FDA, Health Canada and other researchers. I deliberately stuck with those sources because I know we don’t have all the data from anecdotal stories, however, when you put the two together you realize this has to be more than a...

December 7, 2017

Today I met with a Naturopathic Doctor in my area, that was recommended by a good friend that has also gone through the journey of suffering from Breast Implant Illness, explant, detox and healing. I was really impressed with the ND's knowledge and she was particularly knowledgeable about BII and it's problems for women. I left feeling a lot better about the road to recovery and detox after the surgery has taken place.

In simple terms, every person has a "toxic load" bucket. People's individual genetics, hereditary traits, overall health, age, etc play into their ability to deal with that toxic load and filter it out of the body as waste. Some people's buckets fill very quickly and don't empty very well. While others buckets fill very very slowly and are more efficient. This basically means, some peop...

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