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February 22, 2018

The past week I spent much of the week in a self-induced flare up. What I mean by this is that I was not as strict with my diet, I consumed more sugar, I didn't keep up with as many of the good food choices I typically do, and I also pushed myself physically more then my body is ready for. It's not a bad or upsetting thing, it just reminds me my body has it's work cut out for it and is still very fragile from the fight it's been waging against the poison I put into my body for over 7 years. So I have to be strict with my diet, stay away from my known triggers (sugar, alcohol, processed foods, fast food, etc) or accept that I will be in a flare up if I don't.

So my symptoms over the week included significantly more visible inflammation (aka bloating) in my entire body from my legs to my stomach to my f...

February 17, 2018

I apologize for the delay in adding content! It's been busy. I have been working on one of my main projects with Blynn Photography, it's a short film I will be releasing about my journey with breast implant illness, explant and healing. I'm excited to launch the full video once it's ready, in the meantime, here is a short preview to get you (and me excited!)


February 8, 2018

The past week I seemed to be on the edge of another flare up but I back off on doing too much and spent a bit more time resting and it seems to be helping from it becoming a full fledged one! This is good to know that when I feel one on its way, resting can help to mitigate it. I had one day with a headache over the week, but it may have been weather pressure related because two days later we have 2 massive heavy snowfall storms. I always used to get "weather change" headaches, it appears they may have returned. Still beats headaches every single day! I also had minor nausea for a brief period one morning that went away. My knees were a bit more stiff feeling but not as bad as before explant, just not as good as they've felt since explant. It only last a day. I also had some minor sinus stuff show up...

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