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June 4, 2018

When you look at this image of 4 completely different breast implants, can you definitively tell which are the older vs. which is the oldest breast implant? Can you figure out which of these four ruptured breast implants is 28, 10, 4 & 2 years old? 

Surgeons and pharmaceutical companies aggressively market the newer models of breast implants as being much more cohesive and “like a gummy bear” when they rupture so that they are allegedly “safer.” (I disagree)

If this is possible and we know the shell and gel contain heavy metals and known carcinogens, how could anyone possibly suggest this is without consequence to women’s health? (Want to know more read the Summary of Safety & Effectiveness Data documents).

Another little tidbit: Did you know that breast implant testing to toxicity among other thin...

May 5, 2018

I have been hesitant to address the topic of breastfeeding, breast implants and breast implant illness. In all honesty, I'm still grappling with the trauma of knowing my decision not only affects my health, but very likely has impacted my children's health. This post is not to shame moms who have babies with implants or who choose or chose to breastfeed, this is purely to bring about awareness of the potential risks.

Several things to consider. Once again we are told there is no link established between moms with implants and their children having adverse health impacts. However, this data is not tracked, what has been tracked relies on self reporting, and no studies to date have been designed or made to evaluate this. So no studies does not mean that it's not possible.

We also know that implants have...

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