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January 31, 2018

Well this past week involved a flare up. What is a flare up? A flare up is a periodic time frame in which some of the breast implant illness related symptoms you have that subside return and remind you what life was like before you explanted. It's temporary. The flare ups end. It's part of the healing process and should be expected for months and years to come, the good thing is that they become less frequent and less severe as your body heals. I personally have found them to be way less severe then the best days I had before I explanted, so I don't sweat it. They are just part of the journey back to health and my body doing what it has to in order to repair. My flare ups seems to consistently occur when I do too much (so if I do get tired I need to actually take it easy and rest), I deviate from my...

January 1, 2018

Dec 25 - had a 4 hour nap. runny eyes, runny nose. Minor congestion in sinuses. Reduced facial inflammation. Easier time swallowing (noticeable). Sat on ground and wasn’t stiff and achy trying to get up or walk around. Get tired easily but I’m not fatigued with this blanket of endless fatigue. Itchy ears. Felt pretty energetic and had my bubbly happy personality back for the first time in a while! I really enjoyed watching my kids unwrap presents and then playing with them . I haven't had energy to do much more them keep them fed and safe lately; there hasn't been any playing but I had energy today and I SO enjoyed being able to participate with them and be PRESENT again. I missed that. 

Dec 26 - Today I was a bit more swollen again in my face but NOTHING compared to before. However I did intake a bit...

December 7, 2017

Today I met with a Naturopathic Doctor in my area, that was recommended by a good friend that has also gone through the journey of suffering from Breast Implant Illness, explant, detox and healing. I was really impressed with the ND's knowledge and she was particularly knowledgeable about BII and it's problems for women. I left feeling a lot better about the road to recovery and detox after the surgery has taken place.

In simple terms, every person has a "toxic load" bucket. People's individual genetics, hereditary traits, overall health, age, etc play into their ability to deal with that toxic load and filter it out of the body as waste. Some people's buckets fill very quickly and don't empty very well. While others buckets fill very very slowly and are more efficient. This basically means, some peop...

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