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December 28, 2017

Here are my implants and capsules (Natrelle - Allergan - Style 20 High Profile Smooth SILICONE) These are the things that were removed on Dec 18 by my surgeon. My implants look nearly perfect, though the visible bubble shouldn’t be in the one implant, which indicates something happened along the way for it to get there.

Many people ask what is that thing next to the implants? That my friends is the capsule, or your foreign body reaction. The body is very smart and intuitive and begins growing this tissue around your implants to wall it off from the rest of you. In cases with ruptures this tissue thickens and even calcifies (capsular contracture) in an attempt to keep the foreign material from spreading, though even the bodies own mechanisms cannot prevent rupture implant gel from migrating to other pa...

November 30, 2017

Well I found out through the grape vine that the surgeon I had chosen for my explant was higher priced than I had originally been quoted for the proper explant process (enbloc with total capsulectomy). When I called the office to confirm, it turns out I was quoted only for removal of the implant and not the capsule (which is a crucial part!). The enbloc procedure would essentially double the cost which is significantly more than I had anticipated.

I called the second surgeon I consulted with and asked if the quote they provided me included the proper enbloc/capsulectomy and thankfully the quote was still on. I was concerned that it was half the price, but learned that some of the expenses are covered by our provincial health care (medical reasons), hence the reason the rates differ (thank goodness all...

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