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May 28, 2018

You can view my 6 month update at my Youtube Channel. 

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Today marks my 161st day or 6 months post explant anniversary! I cannot believe it has been an entire half year. I am humbled, blessed, filled with gratitude, feel honored and happy. Nothing is easy on the healing side, but for every two steps you move forward in your healing you only take one step backwards; so the journey is still moving you in the right direction!

My symptoms were stagnant for a bit, but recently they have begun changing for the better again. As noted below this is as of today!I weaned myself off Lexapro and have been a month free of it and no withdrawal symptoms for the past 10 days too!

All I can say is everything is better. I have documented every aspect of my heali...

January 18, 2018

When I first came across the term breast implant illness back in March of 2017 and began to read about the onslaught of symptoms associated with breast implants, I was in awe and shock. At first, I felt relieved that I’d found the answer, my symptoms matched them perfectly. In the very same moment, I also felt devastated that I would need to remove my “breasts.” The silicone bags I had developed an unnatural attachment to, of which I falsely believed defined me as a feminine figure and woman. They had been my security blanket, something I had become accustomed to hiding my own body insecurities behind for years. I felt lost. Worried. Devastated and terrified. It may not sound rational but it was my reality and I clung to those breast implants for “dear life.” I fretted over how deformed and mutilated...

January 1, 2018

Dec 25 - had a 4 hour nap. runny eyes, runny nose. Minor congestion in sinuses. Reduced facial inflammation. Easier time swallowing (noticeable). Sat on ground and wasn’t stiff and achy trying to get up or walk around. Get tired easily but I’m not fatigued with this blanket of endless fatigue. Itchy ears. Felt pretty energetic and had my bubbly happy personality back for the first time in a while! I really enjoyed watching my kids unwrap presents and then playing with them . I haven't had energy to do much more them keep them fed and safe lately; there hasn't been any playing but I had energy today and I SO enjoyed being able to participate with them and be PRESENT again. I missed that. 

Dec 26 - Today I was a bit more swollen again in my face but NOTHING compared to before. However I did intake a bit...

December 28, 2017

Here are my implants and capsules (Natrelle - Allergan - Style 20 High Profile Smooth SILICONE) These are the things that were removed on Dec 18 by my surgeon. My implants look nearly perfect, though the visible bubble shouldn’t be in the one implant, which indicates something happened along the way for it to get there.

Many people ask what is that thing next to the implants? That my friends is the capsule, or your foreign body reaction. The body is very smart and intuitive and begins growing this tissue around your implants to wall it off from the rest of you. In cases with ruptures this tissue thickens and even calcifies (capsular contracture) in an attempt to keep the foreign material from spreading, though even the bodies own mechanisms cannot prevent rupture implant gel from migrating to other pa...

December 24, 2017

This is the first week post explant (surgery was Dec 18, 2017). As always I am still journaling my symptoms as they occur throughout the day and my hope is that as time passes these journals will have very little to share in the coming months and years ahead. I am well aware that I allowed my body to be poisoned by my implants and all their hazardous ingredients for 7 years and 3 months. I know that my healing and recovery phase will be a journey in itself and that this will not be an instant cure. While I have seen some immediate improvement in the first week, I have over 50 symptoms to resolve and I've been forewarned that recovery and healing can be a very up and down line... So I am expecting symptoms to return then go away and return and so forth. That's okay, for months none of these symptoms h...

December 8, 2017

I had to share this incredible short video made by Cody App with @GravityLift

This WAS me turning to plastic surgery to heal when in fact it does nothing but the opposite. In 10 days I will transition into the next chapter and a "rebirth" of my true soul self.

"This is a piece of my heart, so beautifully crafted by Cody App. ❤️ Link to the full video is in our bio! Please take 5 minutes to watch my journey with self esteem, surgeries, and through it all- yoga. Please express your feels in the comments & share this story with others that have ever felt “less than." @GravityLift

Please enjoy. Click Here for the video. 

November 30, 2017

I still have a few nerves. I want this done right because I don’t want to have to schedule another surgery to remove the capsule properly down the road, as many women have had to deal with before. So I contacted 5 women who used the surgeon I’m explanting with. All 5 had very positive things to say about their experience, the aesthetics they were left with and how much better they are feeling since having explanted.

I also verified that the surgeon is board certified today, you can easily verify by looking at the associations. 

November 30, 2017

Well I found out through the grape vine that the surgeon I had chosen for my explant was higher priced than I had originally been quoted for the proper explant process (enbloc with total capsulectomy). When I called the office to confirm, it turns out I was quoted only for removal of the implant and not the capsule (which is a crucial part!). The enbloc procedure would essentially double the cost which is significantly more than I had anticipated.

I called the second surgeon I consulted with and asked if the quote they provided me included the proper enbloc/capsulectomy and thankfully the quote was still on. I was concerned that it was half the price, but learned that some of the expenses are covered by our provincial health care (medical reasons), hence the reason the rates differ (thank goodness all...

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