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January 1, 2018

Dec 25 - had a 4 hour nap. runny eyes, runny nose. Minor congestion in sinuses. Reduced facial inflammation. Easier time swallowing (noticeable). Sat on ground and wasn’t stiff and achy trying to get up or walk around. Get tired easily but I’m not fatigued with this blanket of endless fatigue. Itchy ears. Felt pretty energetic and had my bubbly happy personality back for the first time in a while! I really enjoyed watching my kids unwrap presents and then playing with them . I haven't had energy to do much more them keep them fed and safe lately; there hasn't been any playing but I had energy today and I SO enjoyed being able to participate with them and be PRESENT again. I missed that. 

Dec 26 - Today I was a bit more swollen again in my face but NOTHING compared to before. However I did intake a bit...

December 21, 2017

The big lead up to surgery day finally arrived on Dec 18!  These were my final thoughts on the day that I posted to social media:

"Well it’s here! Surgery day has arrived!! Thanks for all the love and support everyone. It has been profound. I feel blessed. Here goes nothing. Final thoughts? I’m scared and nervous. In this moment I wish I had never gotten implants to begin with so I wouldn’t be faced with this surgery today. Leaving them in is not an option. I don’t regret my decisions because this journey has taught me a valuable life lesson, something I needed! But I am nervous for the needles and the surgical risks today regardless. Though to me the risks of leaving my implants in is far greater! I have great confidence in my surgeon and the medical staff at the hospital though. I know I have confid...

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