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March 8, 2018

This week was full  of ups and downs with the flare ups. Now, this was primarily self induced. We had several birthdays in our immediate and extended family this week, so there was cake and lots of it. I've been pretty good staying away from and minimizing as much sugar consumption as possible and it makes a huge difference for me. When I eat sugar, I feel the affects of it within 10-15 minutes. It resembles allergy symptoms, my throat feels like it's hard to swallow and needs to be cleared often (inflammation), my sinuses get congested, my eyes water, nose runs, my face becomes inflamed (swollen) and sometimes sneezing occurs as well. This usually lasts another 2-3 days but is a little less aggressive each day after. The best thing I can do right now is just avoid my triggers. I do most of the time,...

November 30, 2017

Unfortunately I didn't start regular photo documentation until November, however I did have enough photos taken earlier in the year to add as comparisons. What I've really noticed in October and November is the change in my facial inflammation and eyes. This isn't photoshopped or an attempt to make myself look worse, this is literally every day now. I feel how I look these days. I've documented this because I want to see if explant really does change my appearance. On another note I really feel that since September things have been going down hill quickly. In all honest the pictures below seem to show just that too.

My symptoms list is now over 50 since the beginning of the year.

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