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May 28, 2018

You can view my 6 month update at my Youtube Channel. 

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Today marks my 161st day or 6 months post explant anniversary! I cannot believe it has been an entire half year. I am humbled, blessed, filled with gratitude, feel honored and happy. Nothing is easy on the healing side, but for every two steps you move forward in your healing you only take one step backwards; so the journey is still moving you in the right direction!

My symptoms were stagnant for a bit, but recently they have begun changing for the better again. As noted below this is as of today!I weaned myself off Lexapro and have been a month free of it and no withdrawal symptoms for the past 10 days too!

All I can say is everything is better. I have documented every aspect of my heali...

May 5, 2018

I have been hesitant to address the topic of breastfeeding, breast implants and breast implant illness. In all honesty, I'm still grappling with the trauma of knowing my decision not only affects my health, but very likely has impacted my children's health. This post is not to shame moms who have babies with implants or who choose or chose to breastfeed, this is purely to bring about awareness of the potential risks.

Several things to consider. Once again we are told there is no link established between moms with implants and their children having adverse health impacts. However, this data is not tracked, what has been tracked relies on self reporting, and no studies to date have been designed or made to evaluate this. So no studies does not mean that it's not possible.

We also know that implants have...

March 9, 2018

Apologies, I've been really busy in year end for some clients of mine. I haven't worked since November of last year, so I have some serious catch up to do and this is the first I've felt well enough to finally get back to some part-time working again. So my priority has been to focus on meeting my clients needs and finalizing their year ends for tax deadlines. 

I am still tracking symptoms and taking my daily photos! The prior week there wasn't too much out of the ordinary, some minor inflammation and congestion related symptoms due to more sugar intake as a result of a few family birthdays close together! This week however I had a major reaction to a trigger.

I was at the salon on Friday getting my hair cut and the product that was used in my hair I didn't really think about. My scalp was really itchy...

January 31, 2018

Well this past week involved a flare up. What is a flare up? A flare up is a periodic time frame in which some of the breast implant illness related symptoms you have that subside return and remind you what life was like before you explanted. It's temporary. The flare ups end. It's part of the healing process and should be expected for months and years to come, the good thing is that they become less frequent and less severe as your body heals. I personally have found them to be way less severe then the best days I had before I explanted, so I don't sweat it. They are just part of the journey back to health and my body doing what it has to in order to repair. My flare ups seems to consistently occur when I do too much (so if I do get tired I need to actually take it easy and rest), I deviate from my...

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