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February 8, 2018

The past week I seemed to be on the edge of another flare up but I back off on doing too much and spent a bit more time resting and it seems to be helping from it becoming a full fledged one! This is good to know that when I feel one on its way, resting can help to mitigate it. I had one day with a headache over the week, but it may have been weather pressure related because two days later we have 2 massive heavy snowfall storms. I always used to get "weather change" headaches, it appears they may have returned. Still beats headaches every single day! I also had minor nausea for a brief period one morning that went away. My knees were a bit more stiff feeling but not as bad as before explant, just not as good as they've felt since explant. It only last a day. I also had some minor sinus stuff show up...

January 1, 2018

Dec 25 - had a 4 hour nap. runny eyes, runny nose. Minor congestion in sinuses. Reduced facial inflammation. Easier time swallowing (noticeable). Sat on ground and wasn’t stiff and achy trying to get up or walk around. Get tired easily but I’m not fatigued with this blanket of endless fatigue. Itchy ears. Felt pretty energetic and had my bubbly happy personality back for the first time in a while! I really enjoyed watching my kids unwrap presents and then playing with them . I haven't had energy to do much more them keep them fed and safe lately; there hasn't been any playing but I had energy today and I SO enjoyed being able to participate with them and be PRESENT again. I missed that. 

Dec 26 - Today I was a bit more swollen again in my face but NOTHING compared to before. However I did intake a bit...

December 24, 2017

This is the first week post explant (surgery was Dec 18, 2017). As always I am still journaling my symptoms as they occur throughout the day and my hope is that as time passes these journals will have very little to share in the coming months and years ahead. I am well aware that I allowed my body to be poisoned by my implants and all their hazardous ingredients for 7 years and 3 months. I know that my healing and recovery phase will be a journey in itself and that this will not be an instant cure. While I have seen some immediate improvement in the first week, I have over 50 symptoms to resolve and I've been forewarned that recovery and healing can be a very up and down line... So I am expecting symptoms to return then go away and return and so forth. That's okay, for months none of these symptoms h...

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