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VIDEO HERE (or click image) Thousands of canadian women have had silicone breast implants of a new generation approved in 2006 by Health Canada. Apart from some known complications, these implants were said to be safe for women’s health. Yet, in recent years, hundreds of women have had their implants removed due to various problems.


New studies have shown that silicone implants are associated with the development of autoimmune diseases and a rare form of cancer. Breast Implant Illness is still controversial.


An inquiry conducted by Enquête, in collaboration with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Radio-Canada, CBC and the Toronto Star, revealed that Health Canada approved the release of these implants without long-term studies and allowed manufacturers to not adequately report breast implant-related adverse events for years.

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Breast implant safety problems persist around the world​.

U.S. and European authorities allowed manufacturers to keep breast implant injury reports hidden from the public.

A rare form of cancer is linked to textured breast implants, most regulators have not acted.

Growing evidence suggests that breast implants may be associated with autoimmune disorders.

Disclaimer: According to the World Health Organization & the world regulators (FDA, etc) the BIA-ALCL (cancer) is associated with all breast implants. To date, textured implants have the highest risk, however they have not been able to rule out the risk with smooth implants.

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5 Part investigative series by Kris Pickel News with AZ Family (Media) on breast implant illness. 


An interesting phenomenon is being reported across the country: Women who believe their breast implants are making them ill say they are struggling to get doctors to listen to them.

**CBS 5 Primetime Anchor Kris Pickel was awarded an Emmy Award for her series of Investigative Reports on Breast Implant Illnesses. 

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