my symptoms.

This is a list of all the symptoms I was experiencing at the time I explanted on December 18, 2017.

Older Symptoms (Started 2013)

  1. Sneezing at wake up and random throughout day

  2. Congestion + runny nose (at wake up/daily)

  3. Phlegm sensation in throat (at wake up/daily)

  4. Trouble swallowing (daily)

  5. Enlarged tonsils (all the time)

  6. Constant throat clearing (daily)

  7. Watery, itchy eyes (daily(

  8. Headaches (increased frequency in 2017)

  9. Feeling of getting sick (like a cold) but goes away hours or a day later

  10. Dry, brittle and dull hair

  11. Eyebrow hair thinning

  12. Metallic taste in mouth

  13. Skin pigmentation changes (dark spots appearing on face and other areas)

  14. Dental problems (tooth pain, jaw pain but nothing found by dentist)

Newer Symptoms (Since 2016)

  1. Change in body odour (B.O., sweat, urine, breath) - 2017

  2. Shorter menstrual cycle (5 days shorter) - 2017

  3. Chronic fatigue (daily)- 2017

  4. Bloating (daily) - 2017

  5. Frequent urination (daily) - 2017

  6. Recurring rash (monthly) - 2017

  7. Dry lips - 2017

  8. Hair loss & balding (daily)- 2017

  9. Facial inflammation (daily) - 2017

  10. Hot flashes (several times a week)- 2017

  11. Dry, rough, scaly skin patches (all the time) - 2016

  12. Itchy skin (excessive) on fingers, hands, arms, ankles, feet, legs and face (daily) - 2017

  13. Feeling of skin crawling - 2017

  14. Heart palpitations (daily) - 2016

  15. Joint stiffness, pain and aching (knees, ankles, wrists, fingers, elbows, neck , hips, shoulders) (daily) - 2017

  16. Random swelling *hands, feet, legs, arms, face - 2017

  17. Chest pain (throbbing, burning, aching) in upper chest and breast area (several times a week) - 2017

  18. Indigestion - daily (2017)

  19. Nausea - daily (2017)

  20. Itchy ears (several times a week) - 2017

  21. Recurring yeast/UTI infection symptoms with clean labs (monthly) - 2017

  22. Depression & anxiety (2017)

  23. Brain Fog (all the time)- 2016

  24. Memory Loss (all the time) - 2017

  25. Trouble Concentrating (all the time) - 2017

  26. Trouble seeing at night (2017)

  27. Blurry vision - daily - 2017 (Eye exam in 2017 found eye sight is the same as in 2009, no issues found)

  28. Skin sensitivity (make up, lotion, soap, clothing, detergent) - itchy, dry, burning, skin crawling, swelling and eye watering

  29. Alcohol Intolerance (2016) - flushed, hot flahses, disoriented, headache, nausea with only a few sips or less than half a glass

  30. Muscle pain - burning, throbbing sensation (2016)

  31. Easily bruise (2017)

  32. Vertigo/dizzy feeling (2017)

  33. Trouble balancing in exercise and yoga - daily (2017)

  34. Trouble breathing - like I cannot get enough air or a full breath and weight on chest

  35. Ear ringing

  36. Insomnia (several nights a week) - 2017

  37. Periods of feeling dehydrated despite the same normal water consumption - (several days per week) 2017 

  38. Over sensitivity to sounds (breathing, cars driving, music, etc) - every day normal sounds overwhelm & cause anxiety - weekly (2017)

  39. Irritability (daily) (2017)

  40. Muscle weakness (2017 - daily) - working out muscle strength and stability has slowly been decreasing since the beginning of the year

  41. Intolerance to sugar (trouble swallowing increases, inflammation, headache, skin sensitivity)

  42. Stomach cramps (2017 - daily)

  43. Premature aging (all the time)

  44. Temperature changes - go from hot flashes to ice cold hands/feet/body (2017 - daily)

  45. Numbness/tingling in hands, arms, feet, legs, face (2017 - several times a week)

  46. White coloured tongue (2017)

See my BLOG for more updates since I explanted Dec 18, 2017




Full body rash reaction on Dec 8, 20
Full body rash reaction on Dec 8, 20

There were no apparent triggers. I woke up in the morning, hadn't consumed a thing, sat down to read th morning news on my computers and this occurred. It felt like someone was pouring hot water down my body. I felt tingly and then experienced intense itching and minor swelling. It came and went within an hour.

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Hair thinning & swelling
Hair thinning & swelling

Eyebrows thinning - don't really pluck anymore but the edges are getting thinner and less defined. You can also see the swelling in my eye lids.

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Swelling in legs, face & hands
Swelling in legs, face & hands
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Hand swelling
Hand swelling
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Hair Loss (daily)
Hair Loss (daily)
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Eyebrow hair thinning & loss
Eyebrow hair thinning & loss
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This is my wedding band with a fake ring I bought to wear in place of it. You can see how much larger the fake ring is, that is what I've had to size up to because of the swelling in my hands. My weight is the same as it was pre-pregnancy.

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Skin Changes
Skin Changes

Dry skin on feet, scaly patches on ankle (no lotion or ointments help) and dark pigmentation spot(s) on new places.

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Hair loss/thinning
Hair loss/thinning
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