MRI results in!

November 30, 2017

This morning I got my MRI results from my doctor. I wasn’t able to see the pictures myself, which was disappointing, but based on the radiologist and my doctors interpretation of those images, everything looked fine.


I’ll admit it is a small relief as I would be much more anxious with an obvious compromise in my implants, particularly if it was extra capsular rupture. However I know that up to 35% of ruptures are silent, with no obvious outward signs (contracture, physical appearance changes) and MRI's do miss ruptures as well, so it’s still possible they could be ruptured. I won’t know until my surgery for certain!


My doctor once again cautioned me about jumping to surgery. I took the time to explain to her that I have been investigating this option since March. I have read through hundreds of pages from the FDA & Health Canada. I shared my concern over the heavy metals used to manufacture the implants, my concern over the recent health warning regarding an increased risk for BIA-ALCL (rare lymphoma cancer associated with women who have breast implants), and over how my health just seems to be declining despite me still having the same healthy habits I always had and clean labs. She admitted after I discussed more detailed particulars with her that I seemed much more knowledgeable about it than her and while she didn’t want me to regret my decision, she was also a bit more concerned after hearing about the heavy metals and the cancer risk. Ultimately she supported my decision and I think I’ve at least planted a bug in her ear for any future patients she has who have implants and may encounter health problems with medical explanation down the road. 


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