Symptom Log - July 24-30, 2017

November 30, 2017

July 24


headache, nausea, no appetite, 


Tired, pain in left side jaw throbbing



July 26


woke up with headache on right side. Pain in knee joints, minor tingling/numbness in hands and arms. Phlegm in throat, trouble swallowing at wakeup. Nose running. Numbness in right foot/leg.


Noticed I seem to react to the diva cup (silicone made). 



July 27 - insomnia

  • woke up with eyes running/tearing

  • Phlegmy threat, trouble swallowing

  • Stuffy nose, runny nose

  • Itchy, burnt eyes

  • Mild headache

  • Fatigue

  • Stomach pain/cramps

  • Irritable

  • Pain in collarbone (left side)

  • Headache on right side of forehead, temple and ear a few hours after wake up

  • Minor nausea in the am


July 28- woke up at 3:30 am, unable to return to sleep.

  • throbbing pain in left jaw (lower)

  • Woke up with mild headache (left temple)

  • Wrist joint pain

  • Tired, couldn't get out of bed at 7 am

Went into emergency dental service, felt like something was wrong. After x-rays, tests, etc. Everything looks fine! Crazy felt like a root canal might have been in my future, but not according to the dentist!



July 30 -


- pain In Back at the shoulder blade, esp with big breath in.

-Knee joint pain, wrist pain (both)

-Fatigue, hard time getting up

-Phlegmy In throat, dry eyes, runny eyes


-Sugar cravings (intense)

-Brain fog





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