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Well I found out through the grape vine that the surgeon I had chosen for my explant was higher priced than I had originally been quoted for the proper explant process (enbloc with total capsulectomy). When I called the office to confirm, it turns out I was quoted only for removal of the implant and not the capsule (which is a crucial part!). The enbloc procedure would essentially double the cost which is significantly more than I had anticipated.

I called the second surgeon I consulted with and asked if the quote they provided me included the proper enbloc/capsulectomy and thankfully the quote was still on. I was concerned that it was half the price, but learned that some of the expenses are covered by our provincial health care (medical reasons), hence the reason the rates differ (thank goodness all the deductions from my pay cheques over the years can cover something!). I booked Dec 18 as my surgery date.

Maybe it’s anxiety but I decided to call my original surgeon who did my breast augmentation and schedule a consultation with him. Since I would be returning as a patient the cost is even lower, so I am going to meet for a consult Nov 7 for a third opinion. I feel like I’ll probably still go with the surgeon I've scheduled with, but I just want to feel 100% confident.

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