Symptom Log - July 24-30, 2017

July 24

headache, nausea, no appetite,

Tired, pain in left side jaw throbbing

July 26

woke up with headache on right side. Pain in knee joints, minor tingling/numbness in hands and arms. Phlegm in throat, trouble swallowing at wakeup. Nose running. Numbness in right foot/leg.

Noticed I seem to react to the diva cup (silicone made).

July 27 - insomnia

  • woke up with eyes running/tearing

  • Phlegmy threat, trouble swallowing

  • Stuffy nose, runny nose

  • Itchy, burnt eyes

  • Mild headache

  • Fatigue

  • Stomach pain/cramps

  • Irritable

  • Pain in collarbone (left side)

  • Headache on right side of forehead, temple and ear a few hours after wake up

  • Minor nausea in the am

July 28- woke up at 3:30 am, unable to return to sleep.

  • throbbing pain in left jaw (lower)

  • Woke up with mild headache (left temple)

  • Wrist joint pain

  • Tired, couldn't get out of bed at 7 am

Went into emergency dental service, felt like something was wrong. After x-rays, tests, etc. Everything looks fine! Crazy felt like a root canal might have been in my future, but not according to the dentist!

July 30 -

- pain In Back at the shoulder blade, esp with big breath in.

-Knee joint pain, wrist pain (both)

-Fatigue, hard time getting up

-Phlegmy In throat, dry eyes, runny eyes


-Sugar cravings (intense)

-Brain fog

#itching #cravings #troubleswallowing #headache #fatigue #stomachpain #nausea #jointpain #insomnia #musclefatigue #brainfog #jawpain

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