Symptoms Log - Nov 18-26, 2017

Nov 19

Woke up puffy face again, really blurry eyes. Spent a few minutes blinking because it was like I had clouds in my eyes. Stuffy runny nose. Watering eyes.

Hands, legs and feet are swollen and tight feeling.

Restless and woke up a few times last night. Was really hot and sweating profusely, (damp in bed).

Nov 20

Woke up several times last night. Sweating profusely again!!!! Like overheating kind of sweat.

Hands super swollen and tight this morning.

Face swollen and puffy, very tight feeling. Tearing up a lot (see video).

Phlegmy throat sensation and hard time swallowing initially

Tired as always.

Nov 21

Swollen tight hands at wake up this morning. Swollen face. Phlegmy feeling in throat again. Eyes watery. Blurry spots in vision again.

Shouders, collarbone and neck really sore last night. Not the muscles, the bones ache.

Woke up twice last night but fell back asleep.

Tired this morning as usual.

Very tired while driving later in the day, felt like I had a hard time keeping my eyes physically open. (2 PM). Didn’t do much yesterday except drop kids off, get my hair done and come home.

Went to bed at 8 pm, was ready to sleep by 7 pm though.

Nov 22

Woke up with swollen face, really bad blurry spots took a few minutes to go away. Itchy irritated feeling eyes.

Trouble swallowing, lumps in my throat sensations.

Slept from 8 pm to 6 am last night - tired at wake up still.

Hands swollen, but not as bad as yesterday morning. Tight feeling.

Woke up once at 3 am last night, fell back asleep. 30 MINUTES of strength training upper body for exercise today.

Headache at bed time (8:45 pm).

Chest pain in left and right side. Nausea (light) after meals today.

Really sensitive to noise, sound of dog breathing, sounds of cars driving in distance, really make it hard for me to fall asleep but don’t like ear plugs with small kids in house. Need to hear.

Nov 23

Had a headache last night. Woke up still had headache on right side of head behind the eye. Took an extra strength tylenol.

Swollen face. Trouble swallowing again. Face feels tight. Hands swollen and tight. Vulva irritated feeling. Random pain in right side of chest, behind implant and in shoulder feeling. Comes and goes.

Joints (knees, ankles, hips, collarbone, shoudlers, neck).

Lots of sneezeing at wake up. Runny nose. Itchy eyes. Congested nose.

Blurry vision at wake up. Slowly improves the longer I’ve been up.

Woke up a few times last night.

Felt cold often.

Keep forgetting if I take my anxiety medication or not, literally moments after. I try to take it at wake up with my coffee, but sometimes I cannot remember if I already took it or not. Almost forgot to take garbage out AGAIN! Heard neighbours so I remembered thankfully.

Irritated today, impatient, trouble regulating my emotions.

Did 30 minutes of Plyo exercises. Really struggled to do this at all; felt weak and out of balance. Sweating heavily. Really hard time getting recovery breath in even though I’ve been on a 6x/week exercise program with beach body since March 2017.

Very thirsty. Drinking lots of water and cannot seem to quench thirst today.

Itching ears.

Feel ready to go to bed at 7:00 pm again.

Nov 24

Went to bed at 8 pm last night. Tried to get work done but was just too exhausted to focus or remember what I was trying to do.

Woke up at 6:00 am, could have slept longer but need to do some work. Face is really swollen today (took picture) Sneezing a lot this morning, eyes red/irritated and watering (itching), sinuses are really swollen; nose is running. Worse than usual. Face feels tight from the swelling (it’s my entire face not just sinuses).

Hands are tight and swollen again this morning. Eyes are really glossy today.

Ate breakfast - feeling nauseas (light) afterwards.

Blurry spots in vision at wake up again.

Interesting tidbit I came across today when I think that the regulatory health bodies would not approve or recommend something unsafe for us:


30 minutes of cardio exercise today - really struggled today. Muscles felt weak, had to modify and really slow down. Struggled to breath a lot. Heart rate was up. Had trouble balancing quite a bit too.

Knee joints achy and stiff feeling this morning. Wrists stiff.

Swelling in hands.

Face, arms, hands, legs, ankles and feet tight feeling and swollen after exercising.

Really itchy forearms, hands

Visited a naturopathic doctor yesterday. ND felt something is up but almost seemed shocked by everything I brought her information wise. I don’t think the ND actually knew what to even do. It was recommended to sit tight until after surgery. I can get heavy metal testing done, but will be after surgery date in the new year. In the meantime recommendations were to follow Health Canada food guide and ensure getting adequate nutrients through food choices, drinking enough water daily, getting enough sleep and continuing to exercise. Also thought it might be best to avoid any treatment until after surgery to see if any symptoms disappear first. Think this is a good plan!

Nov 25

Woke up with really swelling face again today, even bags under my eyes were puffed out. Runny nose. Sneezing. Watery, puffy eyes. Tight/swollen hands.

Trouble swallowing, literally felt like something stuck in my throat. Took about an hour to clear that sensation.

Itchy arms (despite slathering lotion on!!!).

Feel tired, went to bed at 8:30 pm last night, woke up at 6 am.

Water. Very thirsty this morning.

Dry lips. Sore right elbow joint, especially when bneding. Ice cold hands, blueish colored. (Wearing wool socks, leggings, flannel shirt and house is 20C.

Sore back and neck. Knees sore. Chest pain on the right side, high in the chest between top of breast and collarbone, sharp pain when breathing in. Pulsates into back of shoulder blade.

Blurry spots in vision while trying to work

Urine is clear like water - but very strong scented, still feel dehydrate, thirsty and dry lips/mouth, like haven’t drank water

Knee pain is pretty bothersome today, achy, sharp pains when walking or just moving a normal way. Comes and goes. Elbow too.

Nov 26

Woke up at 6 am. Really tired, could have slept longer but need to get some things done.

Swollen faces, eye lids really swollen (feel heavy on my eyes, like it’s hard to keep my eyes open). Eyes watering with tears running down face again this morning (pictured). Congested feeling. Nose running again. Sneezing.

Have a mild headache at wake up again.

Knees are really stiff and sore today. Both elbows are bothering me too. Plus the bottoms of my feet are achy and sore like they’ve been bruised, especially around the toes.

Was up 3 times last night needing to pee (as in full bladder). Didn’t drink a bunch more water then normal, so that wwas weird.

Hands and feet are ice cold.

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