Symptoms Log - Nov 4 - 11, 2017

Nov 9

Woke up felt like a ball in my throat. Hard to swallow. Swollen face and sinuses.

5 minutes after waking, nose stuffs up and begins running profusely like allergies or cold, stops within an hour and good for rest of the day. Happens every morning.

Very itchy hands and ankles.

Worked out and hands, face, and legs/feet swelled (35 min cardio)

Losing train of thought

Irritable and sensitive to sounds today, feel like my head is circling all the noise is overwhelming me from the dryer, to the water in the sink, to the kids car sounds and the radio on in the ground and my husbandassking me a question.

Nov 10

Really hard to swallow this morning, literally feels like I have something stuck in my throat. My nose starts running within a few minutes of getting up, as if I have a cold but yet I don’t. Then my eyes start watering, the tears irritate my skin on my cheeks (burning sensation).

My hands and feet and legs are swollen this morning (just woke up). My face is really swollen this morning.

#cognitivie #breastimplantillness #swelling #troubleswallowing #itching #headache

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