Symptoms Nov 11 - 17, 2017

Nov 11

So the last few days have been the same symptoms.

I wake up, face is really swollen. Hands and feet are swollen. I have trouble swallowing for about the first 30 minutes after waking up. I can only describe this as being similar to when someone has a really mucus like flu/cold where there is thick phlegm in their throat that makes it hard to swallow and feels like there is something there. The only difference is I don’t have phlegm but the sensation is there. After about 30 minutes of being up it disappears. This happens every morning and has been for over a year now.

Hands are always cold or swollen and hot.

I’ve been very itchy lately

Nov 15

Mild headache. Very phlegmy this morning, hard to swallow like lumps in my throat. Had the typical nose running (pouring), eyes watering and sneezing for the first hour after waking up before it literally dissipates.

Eyes were blurry again this morning, hard to read things with my glasses on. Face had numbness in both cheeks. Hands/arms tingling.

Feeling the beginnings of another yeast infection; itchy, burning sensation - frequent urination.

Still have the red, itchy and burning rash on my buttock from over a week ago that has not gone away.

Bloating badly today and yesterday.

Anxiety has been higher the past few days, maybe pre—menstrual, but noticeably short tempered, overhwehlmend by noises, clutter, etc.

Trouble concentrating. Lose my train of thought so often it’s embarassing. Trying to write an email and it’s like I forget what Im doing 5 or 6x, so I have to vocally repeat what I am trying to do over and over to avoid losing my train of thought.

Did a strength training program today for 30 minutes, trouble balancing more than normal. Hands, feet, legs, arms and face swelled by the time finished working out. This seems to be a regular occurrence now.

Fatigued and tired. Ready for a nap at 11 am already. Only woke up twice last night. Very thirsty and have a dry smelly mouth odour all the time - has been like this for a while.

Very itchy hands, arms, legs and feet again. Mild flat red rash on left hand.

Nov 16

Woke up twice last night, was able to fall back asleep. Really really hard time swallowing at wake up, it’s like y throat was full of stuff. Started to improve within 10 minutes of being up. Eyes are itchy and watering again. Lots of sneezing. When I woke up in the middle of the night I had the sneezing, nose pouring (running) and congestion that lasted a few minutes before it stopsed and I could go back to sleep.

Face, hands, feet are swollen. Hands feel tingly and almost numb at wake up up. (took a picture of face)

Eyes have blurry spots again this morning.

Urine is really smelly again, as is my breath. Yet I am brushing teeth 2-3x a day, using and gargling mouth wash, and my breath still smells.

Eye exam at the beginning of the year found no changes in my eye sight, just recommended eye drops for watering eyes (for “dryness”) and new lenses because mine were 10 years old and might be scratched and making it seem harder to see.

Freezing cold - hands/feet, body - needed extra warm layers to stay warm. (20C in home)

Knees aching.

The sneezing, runny nose and congestion did not go away all day today. It was so bad I actually thought I was coming down with a cold or flu this time. Nose is raw from blowing it so often. Throat feels a bit scratchy and hard to swallow.

Nov 17

Very phlegmy feeling this morning, trouble swallowing again. Nose running. Urine very strong smelling.

Sweating profusely over night. (Wet with sweat). This morning also very hot/sweaty.

Hands/Fingers swollen and feel tight.

Knees are sore this morning.

Turns out I don’t have a cold/flu because the runny nose, congestion and sneezing ended this morning around 10 am. Now I’m clear and fine again. Odd, this happens every so often where it feels like I am getting a cold, but the next day I am “fine.”

Pain in joints and muscles.

Hands keep freezing then get hot and sweaty.

Went to have an oreo cupcake after dinner and it tasted like dill to me, couldn’t eat it. Everyone else said they tasted fine, including mine, but all I tasted was straight dill. Weird.

30 minutes of cardio today; same swelling in extremities.

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