Symptoms Log - Nov 27 - Dec 3, 2017

I keep this pretty simplistic in writing style just to cover the details. It's more for reference and perspective to look back on in the days, weeks and months (and years) ahead to monitor my own health progress and see any differences. It's so much harder to go back on memory (And less reliable) hence the reason I am documenting what happens each day. I usually make notes on a piece of paper throughout the day as they occur so I don't forget later on.

Nov 25 - Woke up with really swollen face again today, even bags under my eyes were puffed out. Runny nose. Sneezing. Watery, puffy eyes. Tight/swollen hands.Trouble swallowing, literally felt like something IS stuck in my throat. Took about an hour to clear that sensation. Itchy arms (despite slathering lotion on!!!). Feel REALLY tired, went to bed at 8:30 pm last night, woke up at 6 am.

Very thirsty this morning. Dry lips. Sore right elbow joint, especially when bending. Ice cold hands, blueish colored. (Wearing wool socks, leggings, flannel shirt and house is 20C. )

Sore back and neck. Knees sore. Chest pain on the right side, high in the chest between top of breast and collarbone, sharp pain when breathing in. Pulsates into back of shoulder blade.Blurry spots in vision while trying to workKnee pain is pretty bothersome today, achy, sharp pains when walking or just moving a normal way. Comes and goes. Elbow too.


Nov 26 - Woke up at 6 am. Really tired, could have slept longer but need to get some things done.

Swollen face again, eye lids really swollen (they actually feel heavy like weights on my eyeballs if you can imagine such a thing, like it’s hard to keep my eyes open too). Eyes watering with tears running down face again this morning. Congested feeling. Nose running again. Sneezing. Have a mild headache at wake up. Knees are really stiff and sore today. Both elbows are bothering me too. Plus the bottoms of my feet are achy and sore like they’ve been bruised, especially around the toes.

Was up 3 times last night needing to pee (as in full bladder). Didn’t drink a bunch more water then normal, so that was weird. Peed 3x already between 6-9 am. Numbness and tingling on upper lip and right side of cheek. Pain in knee, elbow joints and my feet this morning, especially the left foot under the toes where they connect to the ball of foot. Was painful to step on and resolved within an hour.

Starting to notice I am having trouble reading words on my computer and in books. It’s happened a few times, where I really squint and need to look closer. I went for an annual eye exam this spring (2017) and my prescription and eyesight looked great, they are the same as they have been since 2009. So it’s funny my vision is being more affected. I definitely also have noticed at night, and am not really comfortable night driving anymore because of it.

30 minutes strength exercise with BeachBody- lower body today - felt stronger and was able to lift 15 lbs again, but really had trouble balancing. I had to be pretty slow and even then was still losing balance often. Felt dizzy a few times randomly. Sinus stuff happening this evening again, throat is swollen feeling (tonsils) as if I am going to get a sore throat. Bloated. Nauseas after dinner again. Thirsty/dehydrated feeling. (But urine is clear!)


Nov 27 - Slept crappy last night. Was up 3x to pee, sensitive to noises like the dog breathing , heater kicking on. Got woken up around 2 am and had trouble falling back asleep but managed to until 6:15 am. Face is swelled again. Nose is congested. Eyes are swollen and watery. Sneezing. Really swollen feeling throat, hard to swallow feels like it’s flu!!!!

Exhausted is an understatement today, I can't even describe this level of fatigue because it's not even like the days of having a newborn baby that nursed all night long. It's worse! I felt like eyes were trying to close around 2 pm when I was driving 30 minutes home today. It is concerning me enough that I am getting nervous to drive with my kids after 12:00 noon. That is how tired I am feeling. Literally. I was ready to head to bed at 6:30 tonight. But have work to do, so staying up to 8-8:30 again. Throat sensation not going away today. Feeling the need to keep clearing throat but nothing is there, trouble swallowing is really noticeable . Felt nauseas after any food or water, light headed.

Knees are particularly achy and sore feeling today. Bruises all over my lower and upper legs, not sure from what as I don't recall doing anything crazy to get them, but they are there.

Did 30 minute cardio/strength combo workout without any weights today. Felt strong muscle wise despite being really tired. Knees, ankles, feet, wrists, elbows and fingers are really sore and achy . Felt off all day long, like flu-ish - still no actual sore throat but my tonsils are more swollen and it’s been hard to swallow all day. My muscle strength was good in my workout today and I felt strong with work out despite these symptoms which tells me it’s not a flu or cold!!!! Sore neck and back too. Chest pains in my breast area on and off. Nausea most of the day.

Irritable and short tempered. Super thirsty, dry mouth and dry lips. I’ve been drinking a LOT of water and more then the amount recommended for my height/weight and activity - pee is clear like water too. Yet I feel dehydratedrated!!! Peed every hour almost all day too.

Itching on fingers. Watering eyes on and off all day. Was home most of the day and short of cooking meals and my workout, pretty much laid on a couch all day and my poor kids had to entertain themselves and pretend playing doctor with mommy.

Ready for bed by 7 pm, but waited until 8:30!


Nov 28 - Woke up this morning with the usual swollen face, nasal congestion, runny nose started as soon as I was upright, eyes itchy and watering, blurry vision spots, sneezing and phlegmy sensation in throat (trouble swallowing). Dissipated by mid morning. My throat isn't as swollen feeling today as yesterday and improved a bit. Yesterday I felt like I had a cold or flu and today that is gone. Keep getting blurry spots in vision. Blinking a lot as a result. Eye lids were really swollen this afternoon, I could actually feel the weight of the upper eye and lid when I was looking around again. Really achy and stiff in my knees, ankles, wrists, and shoulders today. Dehydrated feeling, dry lips and mouth - but drinking lots of water as usual.

Had some chest pain, burning sensation in my upper chest that made it hard to take a deep breath in. Also went into breast area.Bloated.Irritable and short-tempered today. Slept from 8:30 pm - 5:30 am. Still really tired again today, not as bad as yesterday, but I still don't feel rested or like I have energy to do much more then prepare meals and supervise my kids which makes me sad. Memory loss - kept forgetting what I was in the middle of doing in the kitchen. I swear I just walked circles, remembering and then forgetting and then remembering again.


Nov 29 - Puffy face as usual, same throat sensations. Swollen hands at wake up. Sneezing. Watery eyes. Congestion and nose running. Swallowing is not as bad today, still there, but better then it's been in a long while. Itchy on arms and legs. Outside of elbow joints achy and stiff, same with knees this morning. Keep losing my train of thought over and over. Feel like I am forgetting something. I'm switching between freezing cold and hot flashes this morning. Literally putting on layers and then ripping them off and sweating/over heating. Yesterday was a rest exercise day. This morning I did 30 minutes of plyo with beach body (21DFE). Really struggled to breath today, felt like I couldn't catch my breath at all. My balance was way off too, I had to take small jumps and more subtle movements. Still sweated profusely! Funny my cardio never seems to improve even though I've been working out 5-6x a week for 30-45 minutes a day with beach body programs since March. I used to do 1-1.5 hours 5x a week without issue and felt strong. My body didn't ache either. My hands, feet and legs and face are swollen again after exercising.Mild headache this morning. Numbness and tingling in my right arm and fingers and face (cheeks, lips and chin). Nausea after eating all day.


Nov 30 - Puffy face again, really bad throat this morning. Could hardly swallow and my tonsils were extremely swollen (touching the back of my throat and close together). Sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, congestion. Stiff and sore in knees and hips today. My wrists are achy.

Numbness in my fingers. Nauseas this morning after my coffee, still ate breakfast but wasn't really hungry. 30 minutes of 21DFE Upper Body workout from beach body. Really struggled with weight today, I normally could press 15 lbs on each arm, but I struggled with 12 lbs and ended up switching between 0 weight and 5 lbs and I was still burning out and struggling. It's weird to feel like I am losing ground exercising, in terms of cardio and strength, even though nothing in my routine has changed and I keep switching it up and pushing myself. Neck and shoulders are stiff and sore too, achy. Forgetful this morning, really losing my train of thought quite a bit. Keep forgetting what I am in the middle of. Walk into the pantry and don't remember what I am there for. I even forgot to take out the recycling that was sitting in front of the door that I walked past to take the garbage out this morning......

Really itchy on my tops of hands today, ankles, and one spot on my thigh. Can't scratch it enough.Keep going form freezing cold to hot flashes . I have a mild headache that kind of pulses off and on.


Dec 1 - Woke up today with the usual symptoms (swollen face, nose running, watery eyes, sneezing, congestion, throat sensations, trouble swallowing). Of note this morning, I've been feeling mildly nauseas, blurry vision, headache on the right side, and shaky/muscle weakness feeling. I also had a really rapid heart beat, the feeling was like my heart was pounding really hard in my chest as if I had been running and it occurred while I have been sitting for a while reading the morning news. Then it vanished.I'm freezing cold (hands/feet), despite wearing my warm fuzzy slippers, leggings, and a lined long sleeve shirt. Yet my armpits are sweating profusely. Our house temp is currently 20C. I also have this sensation of hot water running down the right side of my head, down past my ear and into my jaw. This is all before 9 am today!My wrists, elbows and knee joints are stiff and achy feeling again. My feet bones felt the same as did my collarbone. Weird I know but that's the way I describe it. I didn't really feel up to it but I still did a 35 minute cardio session (Beach Body Shift Shop Speed 35). I really really struggled today. Over the past 2 weeks I feel like my stamina and strength has been deteriorating despite the push. Today I had to modify all the movements to simple basics and even then I was struggling to breath, sweating profusely and struggling just to keep moving. I did it because I'm worried how much worse I might be and feel if I wasn't doing 30 minutes of exercise 6x a week! It's also a bit worrying because I never have struggled with exercise like this in my life. Even over the summer I felt pretty good, I was doing 45 minutes of Beach Body every morning, swimming, water-skiing daily, chasing after kids all day and was tired but I kept up. But I'm really struggling with energy and fatigue since the end of August. It's actually scary to me but I try not to dwell on it.

Really having trouble swallowing today and have the sensation of need to constantly clear my throat even though nothing is there. I'm already super exhausted and feeling overwhelmed about cooking meals today and doing some minor tidy up. In the afternoon my knee joints started really aching, like I've been on a marathon. My leg muscles are throbbing and aching too. Getting super itchy again on my face, arms and back of my legs. Lotion doesn't seem to help. Had numbness in my arms/hands and feet again today. Ear on my right side was aching on and off like I was going to get an ear ache and then stopped in the evening. I have also been feeling dehydrated again all day, I've drank over 2000 ml of water and still going, and still have dry mouth/lips and feel thirsty.

The face of breast implant illness - pre-explant current log photos

I managed to drag myself around the house today despite being exhausted and got a few things done. I feel spent now at 6:30 pm in the evening.


Dec 2 - I felt really off this morning. Usual symptoms in my face; swelling was a bit less, but still had sneezing, congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, trouble swallowing. I had numb tingling hands and arms several times throughout the day (sitting, standing and laying). Hands started swelling up while I was doing some accounting stuff as well, just randomly, then it subsided. I also had numbness on my face again, it started on the sides of my face by my ears and went into my cheeks and upper lip. Knees were super bothered today, throbbing pain and achy. Shoulders, collarbone and neck have also been pretty bad today. I actually took Tylenol (extra strength). While I worked I did have a heavy feeling in my chest for a few hours, like I couldn't take a deep breath and someone was sitting on my chest. It also felt like a burning or heart burn like feeling in my breast and upper chest region. It disappeared in the afternoon. My right ear started aching for a little while as well (ear ache sensation) and then gone. Rapid heart beat a few times while parked at the computer working. I have also been super super itchy all day, literally from my face, to my arms, body, legs, and even the bottoms of my feet. I cannot ease the itching at all today. It's been going on all day long. Feel dehydrated again despite drinking over 2400 ml of water so far today and keeping pee as clear as water! Fatigue is bad again, its 6:45 pm in the evening and I am ready to go to bed. We were supposed to visit a friend for dinner tonight but I had to cancel because I am tired enough that I am worried I will either fall asleep at the wheel or have trouble seeing with the blurry vision stuff that keeps happening, so I cancelled. I didn't want to but I also have to be realistic about what is safe with me. As I am updating right now my fingers in the right hands are going numb and tingling again and I'm feeling slightly dizzy. At dinner time I had terrible stomach cramps that lasted for about 30 minutes with nausea, didn't feel like eating but I did. Felt better after. I did not get exercise in tonight I ended up in bed by 8 pm.


Dec 3 - Upper respiratory symptoms were not as bad today, still a bit of sneezing and runny nose with congestion but it cleared up quickly. Eyes were running. Throat still feels phlegmy and is hard to swallow as per has been the norm for a while now.

Hands and feet are super itchy this morning. I have a mild headache. Tingling and numbness in my hands and arms. Hands and feet freezing cold again.

I did a 50 minute workout today because I missed the day prior (strength training). It was a major struggle to get done. In the middle I felt really dizzy and needed to sit for a bit, light headed and all. Even like I might black out. I did not. I rested and then continued.

Exhausted as usual. I showered fresh today but my B.O. is bad! An "Awesome" symptom of bii. I was really struggling with sensitivity to noise today, from our sweet dog's snoring to my kids playing and I had to turn the radio music off because it was causing me anxiety. It's so weird for noise to do that. Anyway went to be around 8 pm.

To finalize this post, do I feel okay? No.

Do I feel normal? No.


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