Symptoms Log - Dec 4 - 9

Dec 4 - Knees are really bothering my this morning, stiffness and achy feeling. My elbows and neck are the same. I am not as swollen in my face today as usual, which is cool, but still mildly congested, typical runny nose and watery eyes with the trouble swallowing and phlegm like sensation in my throat. Hands are ice cold as are my feet (I am wearing leggings, a warm hoodie, slippers and my house is 20C). The good news is when my hands freeze, the swelling is gone!Mild headache again. So far no nausea this morning which is awesome! Did a 45 minute Cardio workout with the Beach Body program, Shift Shop Speed 45. I barely managed to finish it. As in, I struggled to breath the entire time. I MODIFIED the modifications. My goal when I do cardio is to just keep moving when I feel this way, even if it's just walking back and forth. I have never felt like my cardio is worsening over time from exercising regularly, but that is what it feels like. The harder I seem to push the worse it seems to get.Forgetful today. I forgot to buckle my child up before putting the car into drive, thank goodness as soon as we started moving my toddler informed me I forgot so we pulled over and fixed that potentially lethal mistake before we had finished pulling out of the driveway. That SCARED me.

I had stomach cramps and pain most of the afternoon that did not go away. I managed to muster through them to finish up Christmas shopping while I had the benefit of grandparents to watch my littles. Afterwards I was pretty tired. We had dinner together and a few minutes in a got a bit lightheaded, felt really hot like hot water was pouring down my body from my head to my chest and then I got hit with some serious nausea. I actually went to the bathroom for a while as I wasn't sure if I was going to be throwing up or not. I wasn't feeling well at all. Fortunately for family, they kept my kiddos over night and I went home to sleep it off.

I had stomach cramps most of the night and the nausea wore off by the time I fell asleep sometime after 8 pm.


Dec 5 - Woke up with a really hard time swallowing. I felt almost like choking my throat was so "full" feeling. Of course if you cough or try to clear your throat there is never anything there, so i am guessing it's just inflammation in my throat. My facial swelling was moderate, not as bad as it has been. Still had a mildly runny nose and itchy/watery eyes.Had pretty bad stomach cramps and pain this morning so I took an extra strength tylenol. Not feeling well at all today, flu like, but it comes and goes throughout the day. One moment I'm light headed, super nauseas, feeling really ill and then suddenly I feel "okay" I've eaten and food doesn't seem to effect it at all. Moving around doesn't seem to bother it. No headache to day, but I'm really oversensitive. Noise is really bothersome, all noise. From footsteps to the wind on the house, to breathing. It sounds crazy but when you experience sensitivity to noise it is really exhausting, annoying, overwhelming, irritating and frustrating all in one. I feel exhausted. I know I update that every time, but it's true. I used to be very energetic, always do extra projects, energy with my kids, working and more and still felt at the top of my game. Now a days I feel like it's all I can do to not let the house turn into complete disarray, feed myself and the kids, and get to bed time. It's a sad feeling to be in a hurry to rush through the day so that you can sleep again, but that is the feeling of what I believe is breast implant illness.I have not worked out today because it's my normal rest day and I'm feeling particularly tired (if it's even possible to be more tired then I always feel).


Dec 6 - Woke up with sinus swelling but face is a little better today. Throat, however is really swollen and "full feeling" again. Really having trouble swallowing and having the need to swallow frequently to clear it, even though it's not possible to clear inflammation.I am a bit shaky today. Getting hot flashes where I am literally sweating while sitting and doing nothing. I have nausea today, pretty serious. On and off. Chest pressure, like a heartburn and heavy type feeling above my breasts. I have a sharper pain in my left breast and shoulder feeling area (inside).Ears are itchy and irritated feeling. Breath smells. I smell. Eyes were watery, red and irritate this morning. Funny I wear no products, so why does this happen?Knee joints achy. Fit in a 30 minute lower body 21DFX workout today. I REALLY struggled today. It was hard to breath. I struggled to stay balance even with mostly modifiers today. I used 12 lb weights initially but had to drop down to 0. I almost couldn't finish the workout today and I was soaking in sweat. Usual fatigue, ready for bed at 6:00 pm!!!! My goodness. Feel off and out of it today. Kind of spacey.


Dec 7 - Woke up with a swollen face again today, not the worst I've ever had, but definitely more then the last few days. Eyes were "crying" and nose was running. Phlegmy feeling was really bad, trouble swallowing. Felt like choking but it eased mid morning.Knees and elbows are stiff and achy again today. So far no nausea or headache today which is a win! Brain fog and memory/concentration are not great today, in fact I am literally walking circles today getting nothing done. Fatigue again, laid down for a bit with my kids to watch a show.

I started 5 minutes into my 21 DFX Dirty 30 workout and stopped. I was ready to pack it in, because I just feel exhausted and weak. But then I realized I am doing this for my well being, for better recovery and healing, for me! So I pushed play and finished the 30 minutes. The struggle physically and emotionally even with modifiers was huge today. Obstacle barely overcome!Feeling dehydrated and have really dry lips again. Water consumption has not changed. Had a mild headache at bedtime.


Dec 8 - Well today was a bit unnerving. I was sitting down reading news with my coffee first thing and I suddenly felt very hot, like hot water was pouring down my head to my toes, then tingling, and then intense crazy itching everywhere. I noticed my hands were turning bright red so went to the bathroom and I was COVERED in a bright red rash (pictures do not do it justice) it looked like a bad bad sunburn kind of red. I felt flushed and very hot. There is nothing I did differently this morning or consumed that was any different then it's been for years! This is a first.Definitely knocked my confidence down to a bit fearful. I'm starting to get worried for my health, because up until now it's been not fun but I didn't feel scared for my life. Today, I felt afraid that of the possibility of death. That is HARD to swallow. I am so thankful my explant is only in 10 days. It cannot come soon enough. It's been about an hour since the reaction, my skin is almost all normal and now I am freezing ice cold. Hands are bluish looking. My face still keep having this tingly flushed feeling but it looks like a normal colour. I've reached out to my nearby family to keep an eye and check on me throughout today. If I need to I will go into the ER. Ice cold by palms are sweaty. Face is feeling numb.The rash and sensations cleared within an hour. Had tingling and numbness in my cheeks. On and off again headache sensations. Freezing ice cold hands and feet all day long. Going pee literally every single hour today but still feel very thirsty and dehydrated (lips are dry). Ended up drinking over 2000 ML of water today which is more then enough for me. Had tingling and numbness in hands, arms and face throughout the day. Nausea on and off, but mild. Blurry vision spots on and off. Swelling in hands and face. Joint pain and achy feelings in knees, wrists, neck and shoulders. Eyes felt really heavy from swelling, watery, irritated and red looking today. Had trouble concentrating. Mixed up quite a few words today. Went to bed a little after 7 pm because I was so tired today! I did fit in 30 minutes of Shift Shop Strength 35 today, losing balance a lot. Heart rate felt way up (I shoudl really be monitoring). We did an outing to the bowling alley and that took it out of me! Oh and heavy feeling in my chest again. Soon explant is here!


Dec 9 - Puffy face, reddish eyes, watering eyes, runny nose, trouble swallowing again. Freezing cold hands and feet. Neck is stiff/sore. Finger joints are stiff and achy today. Keep getting blurry spots in my eyes, especially the left eye. I had trouble reading my computer screen too, normally I can read fine with or without my glasses. Today I cannot read the screen without my glasses.Stomach pains last night, like sharp stabbing pains that moved from my rib area to my lower abdomen. Went away. I did 30 minutes of Shift Shop Speed 35 today. I REALLY struggled, probably the most yet. I could hardly breath. I was modifying and slowed down and I struggled to keep going. Having been an athlete, (part of a gymnastics team in middle school, a competitive hunter/jumper rider & instructor as a teen and into adult hood, runner, and competitive in martial arts as a teen) I have never felt like the more I work out the worse my cardio and strength is getting. I have trained with numerous professionals over the years and always felt stronger and fitter. I can honestly say I am not that. I know what I am doing. I am losing my strength and my cardio ability. It scares a person! Reminds me of how important my health and ability to be active is! I wasn't really hungry at dinner time. No appetite really. Right ear was aching and had a headache on the right side of my head/face/ear. Mild nausea on and off. Dehydrated feeling most of the day. Itching hands. Stiff/sore knees and hand/finger joints. Peed hourly all day!

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