Naturopathic Doctor visit today!

Today I met with a Naturopathic Doctor in my area, that was recommended by a good friend that has also gone through the journey of suffering from Breast Implant Illness, explant, detox and healing. I was really impressed with the ND's knowledge and she was particularly knowledgeable about BII and it's problems for women. I left feeling a lot better about the road to recovery and detox after the surgery has taken place.

In simple terms, every person has a "toxic load" bucket. People's individual genetics, hereditary traits, overall health, age, etc play into their ability to deal with that toxic load and filter it out of the body as waste. Some people's buckets fill very quickly and don't empty very well. While others buckets fill very very slowly and are more efficient. This basically means, some people can be exposed to toxic chemicals for longer periods without any adverse effects for long periods of time (years, decades) compared to others who may be symptomatic immediately or within a few months (plus everything in between).

Essentially, my body has been dealing with everyday toxin exposures through environmental toxins (city air pollution, household cleaners, etc) plus the constant 24/7 exposure of the heavy metals and silicone in my body. As I began to reach my buckets threshold, that is when the symptoms began to appear. As I hit the "peak" of that threshold (aka this year) that is when the more severe problems came and haven't left. My body can't deal with them any more, there is too much so it's focusing on the most pertinent aspects of keeping me going. This is a very non medical/science way of describing it, but that is what we are up against.

Anyway it was nice to be acknowledged. The plan at this point is just to support my body and immune system for the surgery and healing initially. In the new year we will begin chelation in order to see what heavy metals are currently left in my body and at what levels to determine any course of treatment to help my system clear these toxins. We won't begin any other treatments until we do a full evaluations 6 months post operation; as we want to wait for my body to heal first, allow the symptoms that will naturally go away because I've removed the source of the problem (breast implants) to do so, and then see if anything residual is left over that needs some help.

This might sound gimmicky, but she was pretty well informed. She was even aware of the chemicals and heavy metals in our breast implants. She has worked with other women before in the same circumstances. She spoke much better of it with her background then I can relay here. I felt confident in her knowledge and abilities. I'll update as this part of my journey continues in the new year.

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