New Symptom Today - RASH!

Well I woke up this morning and was enjoying my coffee while reading some news and all of the sudden felt very hot, like hot water was pouring down my face to my feet. My body started tingling and I felt flushed and then really really itchy. I went to the bathroom and THIS is what I saw. I've had a few small little rashes in discrete places here and there but NEVER a big body rash like this that appeared out of nowhere. The pictures don't even do this justice my face was bright red like I had a wicked sunburn, as were all the other spots. Nothing is different this morning then any other day.

Just another symptom to add to the rapidly growing list of symptoms this fall.

#10daystoexplant #breastimplantillness

Wanted to share because this is also a typical symptom found in women with breast implant illness typically as things begin to get much much worse symptom wise. I am so thankful my surgery is only a week and a half away.

#skinrashes #breastimplantillness #tingling #hot #itching

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