Turning to plastic surgery and then back again (Via Explant)

I had to share this incredible short video made by Cody App with @GravityLift

This WAS me turning to plastic surgery to heal when in fact it does nothing but the opposite. In 10 days I will transition into the next chapter and a "rebirth" of my true soul self.

"This is a piece of my heart, so beautifully crafted by Cody App. ❤️ Link to the full video is in our bio! Please take 5 minutes to watch my journey with self esteem, surgeries, and through it all- yoga. Please express your feels in the comments & share this story with others that have ever felt “less than." @GravityLift

Please enjoy. Click Here for the video.

#healingbreastimplantillnessbynicole #breastimplantillness #healing #recovery #explant #explantjourney #yoga #inspiration

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My Breast Explant Journey