Symptoms Log - Dec 10 - 17

Dec 10 - this morning my knees, shoulders, neck and collarbone area are really stiff and achy. I could hardly walk when I got out of bed! It's slowly improving since I've been up but it was a lot worse today. I have more inflammation in my face this morning, watery eyes, runny nose, really phlegmy feeling in my throat today, trouble clearing it and wanting to swallow a lot. Hands are tight and stiff as well, like it's hard to move them and close my hands into fists.

I keep forgetting the fridge door open. It's not me not closing it properly. I literally get something and walk away and then the little "bell is open alarm" goes off. Yesterday was bad, I think I did it a dozen times throughout the day. I thought I closed it each time, but apparently not.I feel like I am going in circles. I go to do something and I literally don't know what I am doing. I try really hard to remember and the thoughts escape me. It's the weirdest thing to try and explain unless you are experiencing it, but it's like you know it's there but you cannot make your brain function like it used to. But you KNOW! and cannot do anything about it.Brain fog is it! Really had trouble swallowing in the evening. Like something is stuck in my throat. Runny eyes. Throbbing pain in right side of breast/chest area. Also was very irritable and sensitive to noise again. Couldn't even listen to the radio without feeling anxiety. I did 20 minutes of the Shift Shop strength and then literally couldn't go anymore. I tried to keep going but my body was just struggling too much so I finished there. I figured something is better then nothing, tomorrow may be better.

Dec 11 - This morning body is achy. Hands and feet freezing. Full feeling in throat was really bad this morning, almost felt like it was being blocked. It's cleared now, but was bad! Eyes are really watery and irritated feeling. they look a bit pinkish and the tears are irritate my cheeks and make it feel like it's burning. Hands are really stiff and achy this morning. Congestion stayed most of the day and it was hard to swallow all day. Was mildly nauseas off and on all day today. Really tired again, laid down for a bit in the afternoon and ended up going to bed by 8 pm. Feel like I'm under the weather (sick). My hands started swelling at bed time and got really tight and achy feeling (stiffness). Dehydrated feeling as usual, lips and skin are dry even though I drink a lot of water and use moisturizers. Today was 30 minutes of BeachBody 21DFX Upper workout. I was able to complete but switched between 5 lbs, 2lbs and a band. My strength is just down over all. I was burning like I just started using weights. Crazy to think only a month or so a go I was feeling fairly strong switching between 12-15 lbs, and now I am struggling with way less weight. But I got it done. It still was a struggle! 7 days left to surgery.

Dec 12 - congested nose, runny eyes, runny nose, really bad throat this morning. Almost felt like I couldn't swallow. Right ear is achy feeling (like the beginning of an ear ache). Face is swollen more today. Hands are tight again. Feel exhausted even though I slept from over 8 hours. I had more hot flashes again today, going from freezing cold hands and feet to suddenly overheating, sweating like the furnace kicked it up a notch. I felt fuzzy today, like I couldn't think or assemble my thoughts. I forgot many things I was in the middle of doing and spent a lot of time walking in circles trying to remember what I was up to. In the afternoon I wasn't feeling nearly as well, nausea, headache, right ear pain again, hot flashes and just a general feeling of being ill like when you get a flu or a cold. My nose has been congested and running most of the day. Throat has been bad all day long with the usual sensations of needing to clear frequently and having trouble swallowing because it feels like I have something stuck in my throat. Joints and body were stiff and achy today, whenever I got up after sitting it felt like I'd never walked before I was so stiff. I took my kids out for about 3 hours to the mall in the city to go see Santa and participate in some complimentary Christmas activities offered by the mall for then holiday season. I didn't do much other than supervise, and my kids enjoyed seeing Santa, decorating (and mostly eating) some special Christmas cookies and colouring festive pictures. Outside of that I drove. This knocked the energy right out of me, I physically needed to lay down because of how unwell and tired I felt by the time we got home. Yet as I am sitting her typing I am slowly feeling incrementally better. But this is what I experience lately, feeling really unwell and then briefly slightly better, and then unwell. It goes on and off every day. I did not work out today as it is my regular planned rest day. I had little energy left to do much including make dinner, so it was leftovers from yesterday, thank goodness I made extra curry! I can honestly say the fatigue I experience lately is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I feel more tired now then I ever did with newborn babies that didn't sleep thru the night, had many night time feedings, and kept be going 24/7 for the first few months. I was tired for sure, but nothing compared to this and THAT says something,

Dec 13 - Woke up with my usual sinus symptoms. (facial infllammation, congestion, runny nose, water eyes, trouble swallowing). Throat was way worse then normal, felt hard to swallow water. Really exhausted today, laid down in the afternoon. Forgetting things. Feel like I CANNOT organize my thoughts. I feel slow. Irritable and really sensitive to noise of any kind today. Tickle in my throat. I did not work out today as I am not feeling great. Think I have a bit of a cold but it's hard to tell because all my symptoms are "normal" for me.

Headache. Just a feeling of being unwell.

Dec 14 - Still feel the same as yesterday. Took a nap this afternoon again. I did not work out again as I feel like I may be fighting off a cold because I have mild sensation of a sore throat, but I'm not sure if it is because it's not typical. (sore throat), everything else is normal for me. But my kids have been sick so it wouldn't surprise me. I really want my surgery to not be delay so I am taking it easy, taking probiotics, vitamin C, drinking tonnes of clear fluids (raw honey and lemon) and soups right now as well as lots of salad full of veggies to keep my strength up. Surgery is only days away!

Dec 15 - Face is really swollen again today. Sinuses congested. Head feels stuffy and foggy. Eyes are foggy and blurry today. Hard to read my computer screen. Going between cold and hot flashes. Nose runny, eyes running. Right ear is sensitive again today. I don't have a fever though, I checked just to make sure. Had a hard time swallowing, felt phlegmy but no phlegm. Tired. Was nausea on and off throughout the day and had a headache on and off too. Felt really slow, like the day was going in slow motion, kept forgetting things, felt like I was trying to accomplish things but couldn't get anything done because my brain was slow.

Dec 16 - Face was really swollen today too. Sinuses super congested (can't breathe thru nose). Blurry vision again. Nose runny. Hard time swallowing. Neck is swollen and it feels like stuff is stuck in my throat but nothing is there. Feel the need to clear my throat constantly. Minor headache this morning again. I am forgetting things, like leaving our dog outside in the cold! Thank goodness he finally barked at me while freezing out in the snow. This stuff keeps happening. Still have the rash on my drear. Heart palpitations, stiff achy knees, need to clear throat often. Was tired enough I took a nap today. Unable to focus, losing train of thought often. I think it took me 30 minutes just to actually sit down and wrap a present because I kept forgetting what I was going to do and then walking back and forth to get scissors but forgetting I needed scissors each time. I also forgot our beloved dog outside TWICE today in the cold! Thank goodness my kids pointed it out. Brain feels slow. Eyes are heavy from swelling. Severe congestion today. Freezing cold hands and feet again today, but random hot flashes. Felt dehydrated all day long even though I've consumed so much water I am literally peeing clear "water." Eyes watery. Nausea on and off all day. Lots of sneezing all day long with no apparent trigger.

Dec 17 - Woke up with a really SWOLLEN face today. Sinuses super congested, nose running. Eyes tearing and watering. Sneezing. Hard hard time swallowing, feel the need to keep clearing throat. Eyes are heavy from swelling in my lids. Blurry vision. Feel "fuzzy" in my brain. Freezing feet. Dehydrated feeling again. Tired. Going from freezing cold to hot flashes. Hand swelling again.

Swelling I have on Dec 17, 2017!!!!

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