Can't exercise and clean diet overcome breast implant illness?

Simple answer is that 1000s of women have reported trying this to try and change and improve or reverse the symptoms of breast implant illness, but not only is it ineffective, we all seem to actually worsen over the time frame. (As self reported by the over 28,000 members of Healing Breast Implant Illness by Nicole). Here is my current state just to provide some perspective.

Usually it's easy to improve diet, exercise, etc and see physical improvements and symptoms resolve so I want to share what my current program is and has been since about March 2017 when I really buckled down in hopes of seeing my breast implant illness related symptoms resolving and before I knew what I now do about breast implants. (FYI - physical fitness and health eating have always been part of my lifestyle but I really buckled down earlier this year to a much more rigid program)


In March I really buckled down, joined Beach Body from a friend that offers it (no supplements though, just the workouts) because it's hard to get to a gym with two littles and a spouse that works away often. I typically alternate between a cardio day and a strength day with 1 yoga day a week. My go to programs include Shift Shop, 21 Day Fix Extreme & CIZE. I also did the preview sneak peaks for Little Bit Obsessed before that ended. My workouts back through March up until September were typically 45-50 minutes in length, as of September my strength and cardio capabilities have been steadily declining despite my commitment to it and I find that 30 minutes is as far as I can go unless I want to be sleeping half the day to recover. Over the summer I did theses workouts plus towed my kids in the bike trailer for hours each day, water skied daily, among other physical activities without so much struggle.

So, as you can see, I have been very committed, and the past 37 days I made my own goal in preparation for surgery date of 42 days of workouts (1 rest day per week). I have managed to be consistent with 30 minutes daily, switching between cardio/weights. At the beginning of the challenge I was using my 12 - 15 lb weights for most exercises, as of Dec 12, I've been dropping down between no weight, a band and up to 5 lbs and in all honesty it's not lack of desire. I literally cannot lift the heavier weights. I cannot even explain what it's like to feel that kind of muscle weakness, but be struggling and burning EVEN MORE on the smaller weights.

My cardio has also been getting steadily more difficult. At the beginning of these 42 days I was doing most original exercises. As of the past week I've had to drop down to most modifiers and in some cases I've modified the modifications with a goal of just continuing to move to the end. Yet my heart rate is up and I struggle to catch my breath and recover my breathing/heart rate. I have been an athlete, competitor and fit person my entire life, I have never experienced getting worse as a result of my fitness commitment with worse cardio and increasing muscle weakness but that is exactly what is occuring. The week of Dec 10-17 has been the hardest by far, I had to stop the Shift Shop at 20 minutes because my body just couldn't keep moving. I had no strength to make myself move and my heart felt like it might explode.

EDITED to add that for the last 5 days of my goal I discontinued any exercise as I felt like I was getting a cold/flu from my sick kids just days before surgery and with my current physical condition deteriorating I did not want to push it, get sicker and risk postponing my surgery! So the last 5 days have been total focus on rest, mental preparation and clean clean eating!!!!

As for DIET. I have largely stuck to my own version of a diet, sticking to whole raw foods and preparing all my own meals from scratch including spices, sauces, dressings, etc. I don't use substitutes or many processed items (aka- I use butter from a cow, not soy that is processed, whole milk, etc). I buy a lot of organic but not 100%. My overall rule is lots of fresh veggies (cooked and uncooked) and protein, fruit for the sweet cravings and whole grains. We buy our beef from a local farm that is grass fed/raised and a small hobby farm, not a big production facility. I know the owners personally and that is where we get our beef. I also go for the same in the other meats. I don't always have organic, but I try to use it most often.

Here are pictures from meals just the past week. This is fairly typical for me. I drink only water a good 2000ml of daily intake and a single coffee here and there, but the only flavour I ever enjoy is a fresh squeeze lemon in my water.

Anyway I wanted to throw this out there because, despite a health lifestyle I am getting sicker and weaker without any medical explanation! Thousands of other women have encountered a similar experience to myself!

Cheers to explant! Less then 24 hours to surgery!

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