Symptoms Log Dec 19-24 (post explant)

This is the first week post explant (surgery was Dec 18, 2017). As always I am still journaling my symptoms as they occur throughout the day and my hope is that as time passes these journals will have very little to share in the coming months and years ahead. I am well aware that I allowed my body to be poisoned by my implants and all their hazardous ingredients for 7 years and 3 months. I know that my healing and recovery phase will be a journey in itself and that this will not be an instant cure. While I have seen some immediate improvement in the first week, I have over 50 symptoms to resolve and I've been forewarned that recovery and healing can be a very up and down line... So I am expecting symptoms to return then go away and return and so forth. That's okay, for months none of these symptoms have ever gone away, having them come and go is a huge improvement from what i have been living with lately. I also expect that some symptoms may never disappear because the reality is some heavy metal exposure can cause permanent damage. However, I am optimistic that my body will do a lot to heal and I will be able to live a relatively normal life again.

I am currently researching different detox methods and have enlisted the services of a highly recommended naturopathic doctor in my area who has already worked successfully with other women who explanted and recovered from breast implant illness with her assistance. I have the resources available to me and I certainly plan on getting back to being the best version of myself in the future. I do not plan to change ANYTHING these first 6 months because I want to see the improvements without any changes and I want to share that with everyone. If at 6 months there are still some overbearing symptoms, I plan to begin some form of detox method to help my body with the assistance of my MD and ND. In the meantime, here are the notes from the week!


Dec 19 - Travelled home today. Was pretty sore and on the T3’s every 4 hours like clockwork all day and night. I stayed overnight in the hospital and didn’t sleep really great (seemed to be affects of ansethic) I feel pretty tender. Face feels and looks less swollen already. I can hear better and taste. I still feel pretty good.I had no idea my taste buds were effected. But they were. I can taste stuff good and bad now! Lol or much more noticeable now anyway. I had a VERY dry mouth. My sinuses have cleared a bit, not 100% but definitely an improvement.I was pretty nauseas today after I had my shower. So laid down for a bit and the lovely nurse, Angela, brought some amazing meds to tone that down before discharge and the 2 hour drive back home. Made it home and was so happy to see my littles and my husband again (he has been overseas for 4.5 weeks). Thanks to my parents for helping me arrange and get through this surgery. I also had a headache but the T3's have helped with that. My hands were quite swollen as well.


Dec 20- slept really well last night and I’m sore but not bad today. Haven’t taken any pain meds since 2 am. I have been napping on and off all day. I’m tired but not like I was before everyday. It’s more of a, my body is healing from surgery fatigue, so I am just resting. My nose is a little stuffy and throat is still full feeling but not as bad as most days. Eyes are watering a lot and itchy/irritated feeling !!!! I’m sweating and stinking like never before! Might sound weird but I feel like my body is pushing everything out of me right now. I smell chemically..... so far no headache. No knee pain. Going to keep on resting. It’s only 24 hours. I feel normal temperature. Neither my hands or feet or frozen. And I’m not getting hot flashes either. Just normal temp feeling. Also despite still drinking same amount of water I’ve only had to pee twice all day (normally it’s almost hourly).... these aren some of the little things I have noticed so far. I still have watery/itchy eyes. A bit of a runny nose. Headache.


Dec 21 - slept really well again last night. Woke up at 5 am wide awake. So decided to do some blogging but now the fatigue is hitting me. The recovery does take lot of out of you so I've already committed to sleeping and resting whenever the fatigue hits and letting my body focus on healing.

As for symptoms: So far my hands and feet are normal temperature since explant. I haven't had any hot flashes yet either. My skin is way softer and smoother and nice looking. My face inflammation has gone down, it's not completely gone yet but it's improving. I had not had any headaches yet. I had had nausea, really really watery runny eyes (itchy too) and my armpits reek! It's like everything is trying to exit through my eyes and armpits right now. I feel a bit blurry still. I can beathe better already. Still congested but NOTICEABLY better. My throat still has a mild phlegm feeling but it's better. The pain in my neck and back is GONE. So far I have not felt any stiffness or achy feeling in my knees or ankles yet. Just a bit in my hands but they have been swollen from the IV and also from the swelling of my surgery heading downwards. Anyway these are the things i've noticed at this point. I tired really easily right now, but that's too be expected. Feeling really tired and needing a few naps all day long. Being up for too long and I get a bit nauseas and light headed. I have a mild headache. Not thirsty for once!!!! I’m usually always dry mouthed.


Dec 22- more tired again today and feeling unwell. Headache, nausea, light headed, stomach cramps. Laying down feels best. Less trouble swallowing but sensation is still there. Hands freezing this afternoon. Feel lighter spirited. Skin still looks better. Not peeing constantly. Don’t feel dehydrated. Lips still healing from how dry they were. Haven’t noticed any heart palpitations. Sweating out stuff all night long (not a hot flash, just literally sweating everywhere from my legs, stomach, armpits and everywhere else. Like my body is getting rid of stuff). I still feel more awake and energetic in between the "rest" cycles. But I know recovery phase can be very up and down based not he experiences of other women, so I am focusing on the good things that have already disappeared.


Dec 23 - woke up feeling really refreshed today, sinuses are fairly clear, throat sensation is even better today. Still a bit there but definite improvement. I haven't had this clear of a feeling in YEARS! I did have a headache again on the right side of my face/head. My face got a bit more inflamed at the very end of the day which was interesting. Eyes watery. I felt a lot more energetic and awake then I have in a VERY long time. I also felt happy and light. I've felt so anxious and uptight for the past few months (full disclosure, I've been on an anti-anxiety medication since September 2017 when it became unbearable and unmanageable day to day. I've never had to be medicated and I had a bout of depression as a young adult, though it was triggered due to trauma and was successfully overcome with intense mental health therapy.) My hands were cold at the end of the day, despite wearing cozy clothes, but it's not as bad as before, and they weren't turning blue color. I did have a sharp pain in my knee when I was walking down the stairs, I've had it before, so far I haven't had achy/stiff joints since surgery though. Eyes blurry while trying to read my book.


Dec 24 - today I am feeling awake again. Light, happy. Sinuses are pretty good (still not 100%) but the difference is, I could not breathe out of my nose before and always "mouth breathed." Now I can nose breath. I still have a runny nose, but it's less. It's not just pouring out of my nose now. My throat still has the phlegmy feeling but it is not as bad as it has been for a long time. I don't feel like i'm going to choke on water. Eyes are a watery again today. My nose is still running and had some sneezing again this morning. My wedding bands fit!!! I tried them on a day or so ago and they fit and were comfortable!! I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings since summer when my hands swelled and never went back down (and I've been the SAME weight all year long..... neither up or down.). New things: my tongue is pink again (yup it has been white coloured for a long time!)


So far the most noticeable changes this week:

- No longer feeling dehydrated all day (despite drinking over 2000 ml of water)

- No longer needing to pee ever hour or more frequently

- Skin is smoother, softer and healthier looking

- Less body and face inflammation, though it's not all gone and still increases/decreases in the day but NOT like before where I could hardly keep my eyes open, couldn't breath through sinuses or wear my wedding band (every single day)

- Tongue is turning pink (weird I haven't shown picture but my tongue was always white, this week it is turning pink)

- Have more energy and feel more awake for the first time in months

- Feel calmer and happier, less anxious and oversensitive to noise

- Sinus congestion has decreased about 50%

- Trouble swallowing/throat phlegm sensation has improved about 10-15%, can swallow water without feeling like I might choke

- I don't feel like I have a flu all the time (this has been going on for months now!)

- Neck, shoulder, back pain/stiffness is gone

- No achy/stiff joints this first week, still some pain

So far so good! The pictures show the healing already taking place. How do I look better recovering from a major surgery then before I went into surgery? The heal is real folks! I can't ask for a better Christmas present then to be rid of the bags that have been poisoning me for so long...... And MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!!!!

First 24 hours post explant surgery (surgery Dec 18)

7 hours post explant

5 Days Post Explant - no make up, no filters, no editing

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