Explant - My Capsules & Implants

Here are my implants and capsules (Natrelle - Allergan - Style 20 High Profile Smooth SILICONE) These are the things that were removed on Dec 18 by my surgeon. My implants look nearly perfect, though the visible bubble shouldn’t be in the one implant, which indicates something happened along the way for it to get there.

Many people ask what is that thing next to the implants? That my friends is the capsule, or your foreign body reaction. The body is very smart and intuitive and begins growing this tissue around your implants to wall it off from the rest of you. In cases with ruptures this tissue thickens and even calcifies (capsular contracture) in an attempt to keep the foreign material from spreading, though even the bodies own mechanisms cannot prevent rupture implant gel from migrating to other parts of the body. This capsule tissue is a critical piece that needs to be removed at the time of surgery. The capsule contains all of the heavy metals and microscopic “bleed” from saline and silicone implants. Like scar tissue they DO NOT dissolve and leaving them in will mean you are continuously plagued with the same or worsening health problems that will require another surgery to remove eventually. It can be very difficult to find a surgeon willing to operate specifically to remove the capsules (because it requires a degree of technical difficulty and risk most won't take on).

Make sure you get an enbloc and total capsulectomy when you explant!

Right side implant and capsule

Left side implant and capsule

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