Symptoms Log - Jan 1 -7 (post explant)

Jan 1 - a bit swollen in face this am and congested but it disappeared quickly after waking. Eyes watering a bit on and off throughout the day, but not tears. Throat felt a bit phlegmy after dinner and harder to swallow, but otherwise good most of the day. Had a bout of nausea after dinner for about 30 minutes and then it was gone. Felt energetic. Wasn’t tired despite two late nights in a row and lots of activity. Hair seems to be growing back in. Skin is looking better. Overall I fell better and most of my symptoms have improved except for a few.... that’s amazing! Felt pretty darned great today. I can think clearer, I’m not forgetting all the tIme, I feel sharper, quicker witted, and able to problem solve again. Hands were a bit stiff at day’s end but everything else felt great! Sat on the floor kneeling and playing with kids for a while and got up with no stiffness or joint pain..... it’s amazing!

Jan 2 - minimal symptoms. Minor watery eyes. Congestion minimal. Throat felt good. A small bit of nausea at dinner but went away quick. Spent part of the day shopping and visiting with sister in law from out of province. Played with the kids chasing, throwing pillows and rough housing for over an hour. Felt great! Happier. Less stressed!

Jan 3 - eyes really watering today with tears and itchy/irritated sensation pretty much all day. A bit swollen. Blurry vision spots. Throat phlegmy sensation a bit more noticeable today too. A little more tired today but it feels like normal tired not exhausted like before. Collarbone was a bit stiff feeling. Hands stiff again.

Jan 4 - Woke up this morning a bit more swelled again. My sinuses are mildly congested (don't need to mouth breath), throat feels pretty good. There is still a sensation of something in my throat, but it is way better. Not "normal" but definitely not feeling like I am choking or need to keep clearing my throat or having trouble actually swallowing. Hands are a bit swelled are as my ankles, and today is the first time my knees have been achy since explant. Once AGAIN I will reiterate that the healing process is a very up and down one. As explained by my naturopathic doctor. As your body begins to heal and detox metals, those metals are exiting your system but you are being exposed to them as they do so which can cause those flare ups. So I am not worried. Having already been through one flare up, I know it will only be a matter of time before I am back on the other side again. My eyes are watery and nose is a bit sniffly. I should add that since Iexplanted I have been sleeping so well! No insomnia, no trouble falling asleep. I wake up feeling rested! Today I am sweating out my armpits and any other sweaty areas, not a hot flash at all, just stinky, sweat coming out... It doesn't smell like normal sweat, literally it has this chemical smell to it. ND suggested this is toxins coming out of my body.

Jan 5 - still seeing some mild inflammation in my face at wake up. But sinuses are way less congested (still minor congestion, but I can nose breath). Eyes didn’t water this morning and throat felt great. So far I feel really good today. A little more thirsty today, but I don’t feel dehydrated like before. I switched to alkaline water 2 days ago and it seems to be helping. I don’t get fuzzy teeth or feel like I have this gross film in my mouth when I wake up, nor does it taste bad. Had Chinese food and dessert with family visiting from out of town tonight. I know this is a cheat with my known triggers, and could feel throat, facial and sinus inflammation starting. I expect to see a flare up in the next few days as a result.

Jan 6- ice cold hands. Super congested, trouble swallowing, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes. Swollen face. Swollen hands and feet/legs. Not as bad as before explant but noticeably worse then the last little while. Knew it would happen because I ate trigger foods last night. Will see how long it lasts this time. Afternoon sinuses really congested; can’t nose breath. Runny congested nose. As if I have a head cold. Itchy ears. Post nasal drip. Sinus pressure. Trouble swallowing. More fatigued today, had an afternoon nap. Eyes itchy. Face very inflamed now. I still feel better then I did on my best days heading to my explant date in December, but the cheat foods definitely caused a noticeable flare up. TIP: don't consume your known triggers or expose yourself for a good long while!!! Did take down Christmas decorations and tree. Cooked, cleaned. May have over done it a bit too.

Jan 7 - well I have a head cold today. Face is really swollen, sinuses totally congested, trouble swallowing, eyes watering, ears itching, throat is hard to swallow and actually phlegmy and I have a cough as well as a sore throat. We were around family that was sick, so this is not unexpected! My kids and hubby are sick too, so it makes sense... I may have done a little too much to soon. I am tired but not exhausted like before. Taking it easy until my body recovers. I think the overload of more activity, and having the processed food and sugar the other day as well as exposure to the bugs was enough to tip the scales and leave me sick! That's okay though. I'm back on track with diet and will be over this soon.

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