Jan 7 - 14 Symptoms Log

Well I didn't log my symptoms this week because I have been battling a nasty flu bug that turned into bronchitis. By day 8 it had not improved at all so I went into the ER and they set me up with antibiotics. While I am not normally a fan of antibiotics, I knew something wasn't quite right after 8 days with no sign of improvement. The doctor on staff felt it had a lot to do with my body recovering from surgery and just being over extended and not able to fight the bug.

The neat part about my visit is that the doctor asked me why I had my breast implants removed and so I shared my breast implant illness story with him. He was actually happy to hear about it and let me know this is not the first time he has had a patient that felt that their implants were making them sick. I shared how much better I look and feel since having explanted and he really felt there is something to this. He thanked me for sharing my experience and said he would keep that in mind for future patients that have unexplained symptoms and currently have implants.

It was pretty nice to finally run into a doctor that was both intrigued and believed, instead of immediately shooting down the idea as a possibility. Just goes to show that we need to share our stories and get the word out! We don't have to make everyone believe, all we need to do is plant the seeds.

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