Symptoms Log Jan 15 -21, 2018

Jan 15-21, 2018 - Still fighting off bronchitis!!!

Dec 11-17, 2017 - just before explant date!

Dec 1-8, 2017 - more of how sick I looked before explanting!

So I'm changing up how I write these and not doing daily entries. This is because my symptoms are occurring so much less already that there isn't much to blog on each day. I still have symptoms that are not gone yet, but improving so I'm going to list the ones that occurred during the week as a general format instead of daily because sometimes I don't notice a lot during the day!

So first things first this past week I was on a full round of antibiotics because of the flu/bronchitis I had. After 8 days it had 0 improvement so I went into the ER and they put me on antibiotics. It was bad and getting more in my chest and the concern was pneumonia because it was heading that way. This year is particularly bad too! So I agreed. It was tough to distinguish flu symptoms from breast implant illness ones.

So first of all I was much more inflamed this week in my face, but I had a lot of congestion and actual phlegm from the bronchitis. Towards the end of the week this improved dramatically but I'm still coughing and have sinus stuff going on which is probably a combination of breast implant illness from before and this bronchitis. I've had more energy, I have been sleeping through the night no problem since explant. My knees have been a bit sore the last 2 days, no muscle or joint stiffness at all, just a dull ache. I did start back doing exercise this week!

Monday - butt day workout (no weights)

Tuesday - yoga

Wednesday - leg day workout (no weights)

Thursday - yoga

Friday - cardio (light, light light)

Saturday - yoga

Sunday - yoga

The exercise has felt good and I'm takin it super slow and easy to not over tax my body, but I feel like i'm ready to move and need to start moving!

I still have a runny nose and water eyes, but the eyes are not as watery as before. Sneezing has stopped. Some of th nose stuff might still be from bronchitis as I'm still not over it 2 weeks later!!!! I had a mild bout of nausea once or twice this week, but not the daily occurrence. So, so far so good! Things are looking up.

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