Jan 29 - Feb 4, 2018 Symptom Log

The past week I seemed to be on the edge of another flare up but I back off on doing too much and spent a bit more time resting and it seems to be helping from it becoming a full fledged one! This is good to know that when I feel one on its way, resting can help to mitigate it. I had one day with a headache over the week, but it may have been weather pressure related because two days later we have 2 massive heavy snowfall storms. I always used to get "weather change" headaches, it appears they may have returned. Still beats headaches every single day! I also had minor nausea for a brief period one morning that went away. My knees were a bit more stiff feeling but not as bad as before explant, just not as good as they've felt since explant. It only last a day. I also had some minor sinus stuff show up, water eyes, nose running. The neat thing though is that it wasn't that bad. Before my nose POURED and I mean like a faucet. I went through SO MUCH Kleenex that I started just resorting to old kitchen dish towels that I'd wash each day. I didn't hardly have to blow my nose even on the nose drip day. Same with my eyes, they used to water to the point of constant tears. Strangers would stop and ask if I was okay when I was out in public (that's how bad it was) all it was this time was a little watery but no tears!!!! Wahoo. Congestion also was not as bad, I could still nose breath and my throat was the same, minor phlegm like feeling, but not that awful sensation that I felt like I would choke on water or felt like I needed to constantly clear my throat.

So things are getting better. The flare ups still occur, and I expect this for at least the next 1-3 years based on other women I've been speaking to who have gone through this before me. But the good news is even though a flare up is worse then the in between good days, they are still WAY better then my best days before explant. The symptoms that resurface at less severe and less frequent each time. If this is as good as it gets for me, I am very happy. I can live and enjoy life like this. The same could not be said only 7 weeks ago before my breast implant removal surgery.

On another note I got a referral to a medical specialist that has spent most of his medical career studying in areas like silicone related reaction diseases. I was able to get a referral from my physician and they called me back and I have my first appointment scheduled for a months time. I cannot wait and am hoping there will be additional things we can do to aid the healing process and reduce or improve any damage that's been done because of my implants!

Things are improving and I'm pretty please so far. If you'd like to follow me daily updates on symptoms and pictures please join me on instagram or facebook!

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