Feb 11 - 18 - Symptom Log

The past week I spent much of the week in a self-induced flare up. What I mean by this is that I was not as strict with my diet, I consumed more sugar, I didn't keep up with as many of the good food choices I typically do, and I also pushed myself physically more then my body is ready for. It's not a bad or upsetting thing, it just reminds me my body has it's work cut out for it and is still very fragile from the fight it's been waging against the poison I put into my body for over 7 years. So I have to be strict with my diet, stay away from my known triggers (sugar, alcohol, processed foods, fast food, etc) or accept that I will be in a flare up if I don't.

So my symptoms over the week included significantly more visible inflammation (aka bloating) in my entire body from my legs to my stomach to my face. The good news is even on my worst day I still looked a heck of a lot better then my best days before breast implant removal surgery! The sinus issues resurfaced; minor sneezing, watery eyes (but they weren't tearing up and watering like faucets like before), my nose ran mildly on occasion (not the open faucet like before where I lived with kleenex or a rag by my side at all times to deal with it), I had more trouble swallowing but didn't feel like I'd choke on water even once. So they were there, they were worse then they've been in a while since explant, but they were still BETTER then what I was experiencing before explant every single day!

I also had some minor pain in my knees and was a little more tired then usual, but not bad. I still was up until 9 or 10 pm at night and participating in all the daily activities with my kids, keeping the house clean, doing laundry, making meals, playing outside, shovelling snow, getting groceries, making crafts, and just LIVING! I wasn't ready to have a nap which is a far cry from before where my days were spent on the couch and napping after having done little of anything. I did experience a headache on two days and a mild bout of nausea once, but those cleared and I didn't take medication for them. I was able to do yoga most days without issue and only took rest days twice on my snow shovelling days.

Overall a flare up week, but still, I'm noticing the flare up symptoms are not getting as bad as the prior flare ups. They are triggered by either over doing it physically or straying from my clean diet. They are much less debilitating then what my "normal" was just a little over 2 months ago before my surgery. It's all positive in my mind! I'm so happy that things are improving slowly over time, even with the ups and downs. If this is as good as it gets and my body is able to heal with, I'll take it!

Face update pictures Feb 11-18, 2018

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