Feb 26 - Mar 4, 2018 - Symptom Log

Apologies, I've been really busy in year end for some clients of mine. I haven't worked since November of last year, so I have some serious catch up to do and this is the first I've felt well enough to finally get back to some part-time working again. So my priority has been to focus on meeting my clients needs and finalizing their year ends for tax deadlines.

I am still tracking symptoms and taking my daily photos! The prior week there wasn't too much out of the ordinary, some minor inflammation and congestion related symptoms due to more sugar intake as a result of a few family birthdays close together! This week however I had a major reaction to a trigger.

I was at the salon on Friday getting my hair cut and the product that was used in my hair I didn't really think about. My scalp was really itchy, but I also spent a bunch of time outdoors with my kids with a toque on in the snow, so I thought that might be the cause. Well, that night, within a few minutes of laying down on my pillow my entire face began itching, burning and swelling. My sinuses began getting massively congested (couldn't breath out of my nose), my throat felt like it was phlegmy and hard to swallow, my ears itched, my eyes and nose started running and I began sneezing. It took a few minutes but I finally realized it was the product in my hair! When I laid on my pillow and then turned on my side, I exposed my face......... So I experienced a major flare up. My face was VERY swollen and puffy (inflammation), sinuses were super bad! It has not resolved fully yet but is improved each day that goes by.

I'm hoping these sensitivities begin to subside or drop in severity over time. However, this is a reality of breast implant illness. You have to consider everything you touch, wear, and consume. It can all cause reactions. I know this flare up will finally be over soon and I'll be great again until the next one. This is a marathon not a sprint.

Below you can see my face photos, you can tell which ones I am flaring up the worst because of the inflammation in my face and the circles under my eyes. This is what happens whenever I expose myself to a trigger (food or product or material or chemical or whatever). Still look night and day ahead of where I was just 11 weeks ago! See the other set of photos for comparison just to keep it in perspective.

Daily face pictures post explant

Before breast explant daily face photos

Before breast implant removal daily photos

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