Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Breast Implants (Risk)

Breastfeeding & Pregnancy with Breast Implants - potential side effects on offspring

I have been hesitant to address the topic of breastfeeding, breast implants and breast implant illness. In all honesty, I'm still grappling with the trauma of knowing my decision not only affects my health, but very likely has impacted my children's health. This post is not to shame moms who have babies with implants or who choose or chose to breastfeed, this is purely to bring about awareness of the potential risks.

Several things to consider. Once again we are told there is no link established between moms with implants and their children having adverse health impacts. However, this data is not tracked, what has been tracked relies on self reporting, and no studies to date have been designed or made to evaluate this. So no studies does not mean that it's not possible.

We also know that implants have heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, platinum and many others (Summery of Safety & Effectiveness Data). The World Health Organization states that there are no safe levels of exposure for young children and those elements. In other words, there is damage occurring with any level of exposure.

We know women are getting sick from exposure, so, unfortunately it would be naive to think that babies born or breastfed from moms with breast implants would not also risk suffering adverse health conditions as a result of that exposure.

In the data tracked below 46% described actual problems with breastfeeding or expressed concern that implants would be unsafe or interfere with breastfeeding. 43% percent of reports described either nonspecific or specific signs, symptoms, or illnesses in children. An additional, 3.5% of reports detailed a congenital anomaly believed by the reporter to be caused by breast implants.

I'm not going to go into the details of my children at this point, but they do have issues they were both born with. None of them are considered hereditary, but they do concern ME. Every day my heart aches because of it, but I cannot undo the past.

If you suspect your child(ren) may be impacted and have symptoms, illness or issues because of your implants PLEASE self report.

This is where you can report any defects or health issues:

You should also report to your regulatory bodies (Health Canada, TGA, FDA, etc)

As per this pub med article utilized the FDA reports: "It is unknown whether exposure to biomaterials in breast implants may have teratogenic effects or leach into breast milk causing postnatal problems."…

Be informed. Bii Aware. Bii your own advocate.

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