Comparing before breast augmentation, with breast implants and after explant (PHOTOS)

Post explant - nearly 5.5 months after breast implant removal

I've continued to track my symptoms but haven't blogged them yet. It's been up and down the last few weeks with some detox cycles and then of course, I decided to wean myself off Lexapro (Anti-Anxiety medication) because I didn't feel it served me, in fact I felt it was inhibiting my healing progress. (I also found out the company that made it was fined over $300 Million for marketing for unapproved purposes, paying kickbacks to doctors, and failing to disclose/hiding negative clinical/research data.... AND THEN I found out that ALLERGAN bought them out, Allergan is the company that made my breast implants........ so weaning off was critical to me!)

Withdrawal symptoms were no joke. Dizzy spells, severe nausea, migraine headaches, hot flashes, profuse sweating, insomnia, irritability and some brain fog. However I'm now a little over 2 weeks since stopping the drug altogether and the symptoms seem to have subsided over all. I'm also noticing that my food sensitivities are calming. I ate some dark chocolate last night. This morning I do have some swelling in my throat, eyes are a tad watery, and nose is stuffy. However I can still nose breath, still swallow, and my nose isn't dripping or having post nasal drip or constant sneezing.. This has not happened in years!!!! Good news I guess!!! I still have a lot of things going on, but, when I look back at the fact I was pretty much bed ridden 6 months ago and unable to do much of anything any more because of the chronic fatigue, the debilitating pain, and the severe reactions I was going through, my life has improved 100%.

On another topic, I’ve had a growing number of women considering augmentation reaching out to me through social media. They are concerned about the risks of breast implants, after coming across the stories and information available, but yet they are still deeply drawn towards breast augmentation, whatever their reasons may be.

I know many women begin to believe the false advertising that breast implants will make them beautiful, feminine and confident. Well it’s nothing further from the truth.

1. You are beautiful the way you are, and natural beauty doesn’t need fixing; society and culture do.

2. Confidence truly comes from within; that is where you will find your authentic self and freedom. No augmentation or any other modification will ever give you confidence, you must find that inside yourself. Peace, happiness and self love come from within and not from without.

3. Femininity is what we are born with, it’s not created through money or clothes or surgery or fillers. You are born that way. You don’t need breasts to be feminine. You don’t need a dress to be feminine. You were born that way.

Look at my images, I am showing you how I looked before implants, with breast implants and after explant surgery. If anything, I now see the beauty in my natural self before I put my body through the trauma of surgeries and then breast implant illness. I am so grateful my body is healing in its own time, but what I wouldn’t do to go back to that young lady have recognized just how normal and perfect the way I was. I couldn’t see it back then, but I sure do now. It cost me tens of thousands of dollars, it nearly cost me relationships, it stole my natural beauty, it crippled my health and nearly took my life.

So, before you decide, bii aware, be informed, read the documents available (, ask about the ingredients in the implants, read the stories of women who have suffered from Breast Implant Illness.

Then decide, what are you willing to lose? Your health? Your money? Your relationships? Your beauty? Your life? Because that’s what is on the line.


Top (before breast implants) L-R: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009........ Bottom L-R (with breast implants): 2011, 2014, Aug 2017, Dec 2017

Bottom (before implants), Middle (With breast implants) and TOP (post explant, explanted Dec 18, 2017)

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