6 Month Post Explant Update

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Today marks my 161st day or 6 months post explant anniversary! I cannot believe it has been an entire half year. I am humbled, blessed, filled with gratitude, feel honored and happy. Nothing is easy on the healing side, but for every two steps you move forward in your healing you only take one step backwards; so the journey is still moving you in the right direction!

My symptoms were stagnant for a bit, but recently they have begun changing for the better again. As noted below this is as of today!I weaned myself off Lexapro and have been a month free of it and no withdrawal symptoms for the past 10 days too!

All I can say is everything is better. I have documented every aspect of my healing with daily journals of my symptoms, daily pictures and periodic video. The change is overwhelmingly obvious! After 7 years and 3 months of Natrelle Smooth Silicone implants things are turning the corner. Flare up cycles aren’t any fun but they come and then they go and the happier, healthier more healed me replaces it again. Every flare up that comes is a little less severe ; and every healing period is a little bit better.

I have not done any specific detox protocol. My regimen now is about the same as before explant:

- 2 scoops Mediclearplus daily - 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 daily - 1000 mg Calcium - 3 tablets L5 -B12-MTHF - 200 billion CFU probiotics daily - alkaline water - Whole Foods organic based diet; eating foods that are ingredients. I stick to making everything from scratch avoiding as much processed items as possible and minimal sugar. Our meat is grass raised from small local farms.

The journey isn’t easy but it is worth it. When I first found the “Healing Breast Implant Illness By Nicole” Facebook group, I didn’t believe. I decided to disprove Breast Implant Illness with my own research and all I ended up doing was proving it was undeniable; especially when I learned the heavy metals were in my implants and the poor safety history of the implant industry. It changed my mind, that and seeing so many women improve after explant in the group; it was too consistent to be ignored.

By the time I explanted Dec 18, 2017, I was the healthiest bed ridden 32 year old I could be...... really. I felt like I was already one foot in the grave. My biggest fear at that point was living; I couldn’t have cared less about anything superficial at that point and now I carry that lesson forward. I will not waste more time worrying about my appearance; I focus my energy on my family, living, on kindness and compassion, on my health, growing my knowledge & experiences, and being strong and feeling mobile and able through exercise.

I truly have learned that happiness, self confidence and self love come from WITHIN and not from without......

My mantras keep me going on hard days;






Don’t ever take it for granted what we have and wherever you are in your journey, Namaste.

61 symptoms total (I guess I cannot count or do math until now! Lol).


*Dry, brittle and dull hair

*Eyebrow hair thinning

*Metallic taste in mouth

*Frequent urination (daily) - 2017

*Feeling of skin crawling - 2017

*Heart palpitations (daily) - 2016

*Chest pain (throbbing, burning, aching) in upper chest and breast area (several times a week)

*Trouble seeing at night & getting disoriented while driving (2017)

*Trouble breathing - like I cannot get enough air or a full breath and weight on chest -

*Insomnia (most nights) - 2017

*Periods of feeling dehydrated despite the same normal water consumption - (several days per week) 2017

*Over sensitivity to sounds (breathing, cars driving, music, etc) - every day normal sounds overwhelm & cause anxiety - weekly (2017)

*Irritability & rage (daily) (2017) -

*Stomach cramps (2017 - daily) -

*White coloured tongue (2017) -

*Change in body odour (B.O., sweat, urine, breath) - 2017

*Hot flashes (several times a week)- 2017

*Anxiety & Depression (2017)

*Muscle pain - burning, throbbing sensation (2016)

*Temperature changes - go from hot flashes to ice cold hands/feet/body (2017 - daily)

*Numbness/tingling in hands, arms, feet, legs, face (2017 - several times a week)

*Vertigo/dizzy feeling (2017) -

*Premature aging (all the time) -

*Feeling of getting sick (like a cold) but goes away hours or a day later -

*Trouble balancing in exercise and yoga - daily (2017)

*Recurring yeast/UTI infection symptoms with clean labs (monthly) - 2017 -

*Recurring rash (monthly) - 2017

*Joint stiffness, pain and aching (knees, ankles, wrists, fingers, elbows, neck , hips, shoulders) (daily) - 2017 -

*Muscle weakness (2017 - daily) - working out muscle strength and stability has slowly been decreasing since the beginning of the year

*Easily bruise (2017)

*Chronic fatigue (daily)- 2017

*Random swelling *hands, feet, legs, arms, face - 2017

*Dry, rough, scaly skin patches (all the time) - 2016


* Itchy skin (excessive) on fingers, hands, arms, ankles, feet, legs and face (daily) - 2017 - 1-2x/week now instead of daily and constant

*Sneezing at wake up and random throughout day - occasional

*Congestion + runny nose (at wake up/daily) - occasional <1x/ week

*Phlegm sensation in throat (at wake up/daily) - 1x/week instead of 24/7

*Trouble swallowing (daily) - 1-2 days/week instead of 24.7

*Constant throat clearing (daily) - 1-2x/week instead of 24/7

*Watery, itchy eyes (daily) - 1x/week

*Headaches (increased frequency in 2017) - 1-2x/week instead of daily

*Dental problems (tooth pain, jaw pain but nothing found by dentist) - 1-2x/month instead of daily

*Dry lips - 2017 - 1x/month

*Hair loss & balding (daily)- 2017 - improved

*Facial inflammation (daily) - 2017 - still have increases 2-3x/week, but not 24/7

* Indigestion, heartburn, stomach pain & cramping - daily (2017) - <1x/week - compared to daily

*Nausea - daily (2017) - <1x/week compared to daily

*Itchy ears (several times a week) - 2017 - 2-3x/month

*Brain Fog & poor cognitive function (confusion, slurring of words, forgetting normal words, trouble communicating, unable to articulate, using the wrong words (calling a dog a laptop), having trouble retaining information (all the time)- 2016 - improved

*Memory Loss (all the time) - 2017 - improved

*Trouble Concentrating (all the time) - 2017 - improved

*Blurry vision - daily - 2017 (Eye exam in 2017 found eye sight is the same as in 2009, no issues found) - improved

*Ear ringing - improved

*Bloating/inflammation (body) (daily) - 2017

*Skin sensitivity (reaction to make up, lotion, soap, clothing, detergent) - itchy, dry, burning, skin crawling, swelling and eye watering

*Ice cold hands/feet - improved

*Intolerance to sugar (trouble swallowing increases, inflammation, headache, skin sensitivity, post nasal drip, body swelling)

*Skin pigmentation changes (dark spots appearing on face and other areas)

*Enlarged tonsils (all the time)

*Shorter menstrual cycle (5 days shorter) - 2017 -


*Alcohol Intolerance (2016) - flushed, hot flashes, disoriented, headache, nausea with only a few sips or less than half a glass; disorientation, slurring of words.

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