The difference between newer vs. old age breast implants

When you look at this image of 4 completely different breast implants, can you definitively tell which are the older vs. which is the oldest breast implant? Can you figure out which of these four ruptured breast implants is 28, 10, 4 & 2 years old?

Surgeons and pharmaceutical companies aggressively market the newer models of breast implants as being much more cohesive and “like a gummy bear” when they rupture so that they are allegedly “safer.” (I disagree)

If this is possible and we know the shell and gel contain heavy metals and known carcinogens, how could anyone possibly suggest this is without consequence to women’s health? (Want to know more read the Summary of Safety & Effectiveness Data documents).

Another little tidbit: Did you know that breast implant testing to toxicity among other things is typically hours to several months? Hardly the years women are exposed! Do your research ladies. Your health and life depends on it.

Now for the reveal of the true ages of these 4 breast implants.

The newest ones were implanted in 2016, the oldest ones in 1990 before the moratorium on silicone implants. They haven’t changed much in how they look when they rupture have they? The changes in newer implants simply included a higher number of more aggressive chemicals, heavy metals and toxins in hopes of avoiding this puddle of mush from occurring.

Doesn’t appear to be successful does it now?

28 year old, 2 year old, 10 year old and 4 year old ruptured breast implants visible

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