13 Month Post Breast Implant Removal Update

13 months have come and gone since I explanted. All in all 48 of 60 symptoms are still gone, the other 12 are still improved from the severity they once were (before explant) though they continue to come and go.

I am currently contemplating surgery 3 to have the left over pieces of capsule removed, more so to reduce future BIA-ALCL cancer risk then anything. My date is booked and deposit paid, but I'm still deciding because the risks of another major surgery really cannot be underestimated.

But the great news is that life is good. I feel great more times then I don't. My not so great days are a drop in the bucket compared to how terrible I felt before explant. I no longer feel like I'm going to die. I recently (as in a week ago!) resumed more normal exercise (cardio & strength) in addition to the yoga I've been doing inconsistently over the past year. So far so good.

It's amazing the changes that have occurred over 13 months without doing anything but explanting. Seriously. I haven't been working out until this week.I only did yoga (inconsistently), my diet has remained the same over the past year as it was before explant, I don't take any special stuff, no detox protocols or supplements either.

My only protocol (Which I was on BEFORE explant): Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, High dose probiotic (VSL#3 450Billlion Strain). Other then that it's water and food. I though the best way to showcase my update and story is a short 3.5 minute video that shows me before augmentation, during the 7 years (showing the deterioration) and the 13 months since explant (showing the relatively remarkable change for the better). Please SHARE to build BII awareness and enjoy. Thank you, as always, for the honour of following my journey alongside me.

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