the what.

I loved my new look. I was content. I had no visible complications. This is the next chapter of "what" lead me to begin considering explant without replacement in the first place.


When I had my surgery back in 2010 I healed nicely with minimal scarring. I did not experience any form of "visible" complication (capsular contracture, bottoming out, double bubble, infection, rupture, etc). From that perspective things went well.


Fast forward to now, I'm in my early 30's (2017) and have had my implants for just over 7 years. In 2013 I developed recurring sinus issues, similar to everyday allergies; congestion, runny nose, sinus swelling, phlegmy sensation in throat, sneezing. This didn't come and go, it was constant with some days being better then others. Allergy medication didn't work. Doctors routinely noticed my tonsils were enlarged, but I had no sore throat or complaints. Tests came back as clean for infections and they chalked it up to overactive hormones due to pregnancy or new allergies.

In 2014 I developed an intolerance to alcohol of any kind. I used to enjoy recreational drinks on occasion without issue, however, at this point (and to this day) even a few sips will make me feel incredibly ill; disoriented, nauseas, migraine headache and dizzy. I was never a heavy drinker to begin with, but that occasional glass of wine for a special occasion is no longer in the cards. I have stopped consuming alcohol as a result of the reaction I have to it. 

In 2015 the "allergy symptoms" worsened to the point I had trouble swallowing and actually gagged often from the sensation of phlegm in my throat. My eyes would water constantly (and badly enough that strangers would stop and ask if I was okay). The tears irritated my skin. I had minor heart palpitations and fatigue, but my doctor insisted it was just allergies, being a mom and hormones because nothing in my test results indicated anything other than normal and healthy!

Since January 2016 I wake up every single day with a sensation of thick phlegm in my throat, I have trouble swallowing, I sneeze a lot, my sinuses are always swollen with runny nose and watery eyes. This sensation goes away without medication about an hour after I wake up. I feel the need for a nap daily. I fatigue very easily even though my kids both sleep thru the night and have for a while. Over the course of 2016 to 2017 new symptoms have begun to develop at an increasing pace. I am very self body aware and notice any out of the ordinary changes. To keep this story short you can view my list of symptoms HERE that have appeared since January 2016 have NOT gone away. ​

I have never had these symptoms before in my life. I have no family history of these symptoms. I eat a balanced diet, stay in a regular fitness program and take care of my health.


In January 2017 I began seeing my doctor more often about the UTI’s and other symptoms. We did  a full panel of bloodwork, urinalysis and taking all vitals and with the exception of my cholesterol levels being elevated, everything including my pap smear was normal based on my historical records (I have annual exams). According to my doctor everything is a-okay yet all these symptoms have been causing me issues. At first I accepted the answer that everything is okay but then I realized there was a time, only a few years ago, that I never needed to clear my throat or struggled to swallow. Makeup and lotion didn't irritate my skin until more recently. This is not NORMAL! My doctor ultimately would support my decision but was concerned I was making this decision to quickly and might regret it. I was cautioned about jumping into explant.


In my quest to find out what is wrong with me despite my doctor assuring me I was fine I began googling (I know the internet doctor is not always right! but this is how bad my symptoms were getting that I was desperate for an answer of what could be causing my symptoms!). I happened to come across a website called Healing Breast Implant Illness. My heart stopped as I read though the site because while I don’t have all of symptoms listed, every symptoms I do have is listed on that site. That led me to the Facebook group of thousands of women with the same stories, many of whom allege success with symptoms vanishing after explanting. When I joined the Healing Breast Implant Illness Facebook group in March of 2017 it had approximately18,000 women. As of October 2017 it is over 25,000 women and growing. Finding that site both took my breath away and made me feel like I found the answer to my problems. I wasn't quite ready to schedule surgery but now I needed to do my research. This is how I came to even consider an explant in the first place. Initially my idea was to research and disprove the theory that my implants could be a source of my problem, however, as you will read, the research only further cemented my belief that they are very likely a contributing factor.


Note: take a look at my face pictures over the past 10 years. Theses are all make up free. Look at the change. I can put make up on and hide it to some degree, but there was a time I didn't need or wear much make up.......






















2007 - before implants
2009 - 1 Year before implants
2010 - A few months before implants
2011 - 1 Year Post Implants
2013 - 3 year post implants
2015 (5 years)
2016 (6 years)
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